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Posted on Mar 10, 2010

How to Use a Water Test Kit

Water-testing kits can help you to identify what types of contaminants are found in your tap water. However, the results you get from water-testing tests are only going to benefit you if you use them correctly. It isn’t hard to use water-testing kits but you do want to make sure you understand the basic fundamentals involved in the process before you start.

Don’t assume that because your water is clear and doesn’t have a smell, it is safe. It is the hidden contaminants in drinking water that can often make people very sick. They don’t have the visual or the smell to give them any indication that something is wrong. Considering the high levels of contamination that a water treatment plant can’t stop, you owe it your family to test for them.
Water-testing kits are very affordable and you can get results in no time at all. The more sophisticated the test is, the more you will have to pay for it. Make sure you read the label as some of these water-testing kits allow you to do the entire process at home from start to finish. Others require you to bottle up some of the water and then to ship it off to a testing facility where it will be tested for you.
Find out what the test kit is looking for because you want to be as thorough as possible. You want to be able to test for overall quality of the water. It is also a good idea to be able to test for the most common forms of contaminants. You definitely want one of the water-testing kits that will allow you to identify if the dangerous bacteria known as E. coli is in your drinking water.

If you live in an industrial area, it is a good idea to use a water-testing kit that will test for various forms of chemical contaminants. If you live in an agricultural area, then use a water-testing kit that looks for pesticides and weed killers. Generally such tests will come with a type of strip that you place into a container of water. The color result of the strip after the testing period can give you an idea of what is in your drinking water.
Once you are satisfied with the results from water-testing kits, you may wish to purchase kits that are specific for results you found. For example, if you do get results that indicate E. coli is in the water, then get one of the test kits specific for this contaminant. This can allow you to find out how much of that contaminant is in your drinking water. It will also give you the ability to test for the contaminant routinely to see if the problem is getting worse.

There is no reason to spend a fortune hiring professionals to come test your water. You have the ability to do it on your own. Make sure you only use quality water-testing kits so that you can rely on accurate results. The results from water-testing kits allow you to find out what is in your water. Then you can buy a home filtering system that is designed to remove the specific forms of contamination that your water-testing kit discovers. This is the kind of research that will help you understand what kind of water filtration system you may need. Working with a quality water filter manufacturer like Aquasana, you can install the perfect solution for your family’s water quality needs.


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