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Posted on May 6, 2010

How Can I Prepare to Have Pure Drinking Water in a Disaster?

How Can I Prepare to Have Pure Drinking Water in a Disaster?

Whenever a potential crisis approaches a community, certain supplies disappear quickly from store shelves. Probably the top two commodities that have the greatest urgency to have on hand when a disaster may be on the way are batteries and clean drinking water. It doesn’t take that much of a disaster to put a community into a crisis mode. A hurricane or tornado can destroy homes and throw all kinds of contaminating debris into the reservoir or lakes where tap water is drawn to supply homes in the area. Some communities pipe their water from quite far away so the disaster doesn’t have to be on top of you to put you and your neighbors into a clean drinking water emergency.

On a daily basis, the tap water most of us use for drinking, cooking, and taking showers goes through some basic filtration at the city water processing plant. Numerous studies have shown that even under the best of circumstances, the drinking water that comes to our homes is contaminated. When a disaster strikes, not only can the source of your drinking water become contaminated, the ability of the water processing plant to operate their filtering systems may become compromised which would allow unfiltered drinking water to flow to the citizens of the community.

The first step to prepare for a crisis so that you can ensure your family has a steady supply of drinking water is to install a high-quality water filtration system in your home such as those sold by Aquasana. The time to plan for good, clean drinking water in a crisis is long before it happens. When an emergency happens, there will be a rush by hundreds or thousands of homeowners to get water filters in place to protect the drinking water of their families. If you took the time up front to have a quality drinking water filtration system put in long before the emergency strikes, you can filter the water that comes from city sources. Even if contamination levels have risen or the city water processing ability is compromised, you are ready.

The next level of preparedness that is desirable so you and your family have clean drinking water is to put aside filtered water in case of a dire emergency where water delivery is disrupted. You cannot count on being able to buy bottled water when a serious crisis hits your community. If you took the precaution of installing a good water filtration system in your home, you can produce all the clean and healthy water you want to set aside for an emergency situation.

You can buy gallon jugs or save them from when you buy fruit juice or milk for your meals. After cleaning them out, you can fill them with water from your own tap that you have confidence in because your home filtration system delivers drinking water that is free of contamination on a daily basis. By putting these aside in a place that is set up to survive a serious storm or some other crisis, you will not have to panic if disaster looms. You are prepared.

Along with the peace of mind that putting a high-quality drinking water filtration system in gives you because you are ready for any emergency, there are daily benefits to acting before the crisis comes. The drinking water you and your family consume will be free of contaminants starting as soon as you have the filtration system put in. Why wait for a crisis to start using pure drinking water in the home? By contacting Aquasana, you can enjoy those benefits every day and be ready for a crisis as well. That is good living and good planning all in one efficient step.