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Posted on May 6, 2010

How Do I Use Water-Testing Kits?

It isn’t as hard as you think to find out if something is wrong with your water. You probably already suspect that the problem is there and have for some time. Things like things floating in the water you draw from the tap or the way it smells when you get in the shower are clues that not everything is right with your water.

The taste alone should give it away because pure water should taste good. Why do so many people never take action to protect themselves from bad or nasty water? The reason is because over time you get used to the taste and smell of the water that comes out of your tap and you hardly notice it anymore. You get used to adding chemicals to prevent water spots on your dishes and to washing residue out of the bottom of water glasses. If you notice these things, it is probably time to test your water to determine how much filtration you need.

The fact is that the water situation is becoming worse year after year, especially for those that live in or around urban areas. Some urban areas are becoming more aware of water’s huge impact on their local population. For the most part, however, cities remain completely unaware that people want more from their water. With all the politics about streets and crime, most cities completely forget about water. These are good reasons for learning how to use water-testing kits yourself so you can take action to protect the water that you and your family consume.

If you are on a well water system, then you need to be the most aware because you are the most affected by the environment and by how the community treats its watershed. Unless filtered out, everything that goes down the drain eventually ends up in the public water supply. This includes everything from fluids from cars to industrial waste.

If you are on an urban water system that goes through a water-processing plant before the water is delivered to citizens of the community, you have to worry about the chlorine that the city adds in for sanitation. Plus, public filtration systems only perform some very basic water filtering. Lots of contaminants get through public water filters or are added between the water-processing plant and your home.

When you look for a water-testing kit, it is important to keep in mind how dangerous your community’s water is. To use a water-testing kit to test for chlorine, you can actually use a swimming pool test kit. These can be purchased at your local hardware store and will last a long time if used properly. You can also get advice on the right water-testing kits for to fit your needs from a qualified water filtration expert like those at Aquasana.

Using water-testing kits means getting a sample of your water and adding a chemical agent that changes color to tell you the nature and density of contaminants that are in your water. Compare the color to the chart that comes with your water-testing kit to interpret the results. Don’t be surprised if you find that the amount of contaminants in your water by far exceeds what is healthy for your family to drink.

You may need to order a specific water-testing kit to provide for your situation, especially if you are worried about specific chemicals in your water. You can also have a sample testing by a local governmental agency, such as the health department. If you are worried enough about your water you may even need to send it off to be tested in a professional lab. No matter what you do, you will probably find that the water contains chemicals you don’t want in your water. With that valuable information, you can buy the right water filtration system based on what you need to filter out. The experts at Aquasana can help you every step of the way.