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Posted on May 6, 2010

Is One Kind of Water Purifier System Better Than Others?

The problem of contamination of the drinking water is a national crisis. The ultimate solution to the problem of toxins and other unhealthy contamination in the public water supply lies with the governmental agencies charged with the safety of the public water supply, like the EPA and the FDA. Unfortunately, these agencies seem to be fighting a losing battle because they have been in authority over the water that the citizens of the country drink for some time and the problem of water contamination is no better than it was when it came to public attention.

The conclusion is that it is the responsibility of the individual homeowner to find a water purification system that will assure that their families will have reliable and healthy water to drink. There are numerous methods for purifying water that have been used over the years. To select the water purification system that is best for your family calls for some deeper scrutiny of each of these methods to determine if they are effective and workable at a household level.

A water purification system that has been around for ages is also one that is often used by campers or people in a survival situation. That system is to boil the water. This system is highly effective against bacteria and other microorganisms that are contaminating the drinking water. There are three reasons that boiling is not a good solution for a home owner who wants a water purification system that will work every day.

First, boiling is not effective against chemical contamination of the drinking water which represents the largest threat to the health of the water the public drinks. Secondly, microorganisms in the drinking water are being addressed by most public water processing facilities by the addition of chemicals like chlorine. Thirdly, boiling all of the water you use for drinking, bathing, washing your clothes, or for taking showers is simply impractical for a modern family to attempt on a day-by-day basis.

Chemical treatments are a method of water purification that we mentioned earlier because it is commonly used at the municipal water treatment level. The focus of a chemical water purification system is that it only targets microorganisms. Chemical treatments do nothing about the pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, toxic industrial solvents, or rocket fuel that has been found in so many public water systems. If anything, chemical treatments introduce another problem to the water purity issue because the chemicals added to kill disease microorganisms in the water becomes a water contamination issue itself. Obviously, chemical treatments are not an ideal water purification system for use at the home level.

Each of these water purification systems are good in a specific situation and to address a specific kind of water contamination. To provide service to a household, a water purification system must be able to address a wide array of water contaminants including chemicals, microorganisms, sediment, and others. To accomplish this goal, a good activated-charcoal home water filter system is a great choice. Aquasana has some outstanding models of activated-charcoal water purifier systems that will fit the need.

Activated charcoal does a great job of addressing hundreds of different kinds of water contaminants and does so reliably for you and your family. Once you have an Aquasana home water filtration system in place, you can enjoy clean and healthy water from any faucet in the house and you can have as much as you want for no additional cost. It is an efficient, economical, and healthy way for homeowners and parents to take a big step forward to protect the health and wellbeing of their families quickly and for many years to come.


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