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Posted on May 6, 2010

What Steps Can My Family Take at Home to Encourage Clean Water?

What Steps Can My Family Take at Home to Encourage Clean Water?

In the last ten years, the awareness of how to live in an environmentally friendly way has risen significantly. It has become a focus in the schools which means that even if you don’t talk much about how to “live green” at home, your kids are becoming aware of how to be good citizens of the earth at school. Being friendly to the environment is about more than just being responsible to the earth. It is about living in a clean world for our own good. This is especially true when it comes to what every family can do at home to encourage clean water that comes to your home for drinking, bathing, and cooking.

Contamination of the water supply has a lot of causes. The first big step any family can do to help the cause of clean water for your community is to become aware of water contamination. The more we talk about it, learn about why the local water reservoir is polluted, and become active to encourage public officials to do all they can to provide clean water to the community, the more that will get done. If young people are aware of clean water issues, they can talk to their friends and raise the awareness of the importance of clean water for any community. Then when the community makes it a priority that their local water reserves are full of healthy and clean water, that is when elected officials will take action.

Around the house, every family uses some hazardous chemicals that do a great job doing what they are designed to do. It is important when you are done using these kinds of chemicals that they do not get dumped down the drain, into the street, into the ground, or even put out with the trash to go to the local landfill. Any of those ways of disposing of harmful chemicals will result in them ending up in the water supply eventually. When you have old paint, used oil, furniture polish, or pesticides to get rid of, don’t throw them away or dump them. Make the effort to take them to an approved facility that will dispose of those toxic chemicals safely and in a way that does not threaten the clean water of the community.

Recycling is another great way to improve the environment and protect the clean water in the water supply. When plastics are thrown out and they go to the landfill, the residue leaks into the soil when the plastic is incinerated. This process creates both air pollution and toxins that go into the water supply. Plastic recycling has become very easy to do if you become aware of the need and make it a habit around the house to collect plastics to be recycled.

It will take time to learn these and other lifestyle habits that help you and your family stop contributing to the contamination of the clean water in the public reservoirs. While you work hard for the public good, there is a great step you can take to assure good clean water for your family right now. That step is to install a reliable water filtration system like those that Aquasana can show you. By filtering your water, you cut down on the use of bottled water which means many plastic water bottles will not go into the landfill to create air and water pollution. More importantly, your home water filtration system will provide the means for you to make sure that your family is getting clean water, free of contaminants, right out of the tap of your home. There is no question that once you provide clean and healthy water to your family, they will never want to go back to drinking anything but clean water ever again.