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Posted on Jun 12, 2010

Are Clean Water Laws Being Ignored?

The Clean Water Act passed by Congress ages ago was designed to impose clean water laws on the quality of drinking water. These laws make sure that toxins and harmful chemicals are not in the water that we drink. That is the intent of those laws, anyway.

The Safe Drinking Water Act regulates about 91 chemicals that can be harmful when found in your water. However, this is not enough to protect you and your family from toxic water contamination. This act does not cover all that needs to be dealt with to ensure quality drinking water for all. Since changes are currently not being made to the law, you would want water providers to at least meet the regulations already in place. The sad news is that this is not always the case. In some places, these regulations are being overlooked and communities are suffering.

Residents of a town in West Virginia experienced scabs and skin burns from the water they use for showering. These painful rashes were caused by chemicals and toxins found in their water. Some of the children’s teeth were even affected, causing their tooth enamel to be washed away. It has been found since that their bathwater contained arsenic, barium, lead, nickel, and other harmful chemicals that could cause cancer and damage the kidneys and nervous system. All this from the water they used to clean themselves, with being clean the last thing that happened to them.

Residents of this neighborhood sued nine coal companies near their area that were found to have pumped illegal chemicals into the ground. Because these coal companies are required by state law to produce reports of their operations, they found that the chemicals they released into the ground were the same kind of pollutants found in the tap water of the residents.

Unfortunately, despite the regulations by the government, some municipal tap water systems still do not adhere to clean water laws, resulting in very bad health problems in the community. To make matters worse, no fines or punishments were given to the companies who caused this severe pollution.

This is not a rare case. It has been happening across the country. In fact, around half a million violations of clean water laws were made by the industrial sector in the last five years alone. Violations committed include failure to report emissions and dumping concentrated chemical deposits, which can cause cancer and even certain birth defects.

It’s a terrible situation. We live in a time where we can watch TV shows from our phones and even call internationally for free. Yet somehow, it seems beyond society‚Äôs ability to provide everyone with clean and safe water for drinking, showering, and gardening.

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