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Posted on Jun 1, 2010

How can Activism Help in the Fight for a Clean Water Supply?

Right now, the nightmare of overwhelming destruction of the clean water supply is being played out dramatically as thousands of barrels of oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico. This tragic event is by far not the first episode of toxic water contamination threatening the clean water supply that everybody depends on. In every community in this country, the EPA is tracking serious water contamination issues that may be degrading the health and vitality of the communities served by thousands of contaminated water reservoirs.

It is easy to look at the magnitude of the problem of protecting the clean water supply and throw up your hands in desperation because it seems hopeless. The resources are there, however, to clean up the water supply that your family uses for drinking water and to cook and take showers in every day. It really is a matter of mobilizing the government to put its resources to the task.

As much as politicians would like to convince the public that they spend every waking hour thinking about the needs of their electorate, it is clear that reality tells a much different story. There is no question that any time a serious effort to accomplish something good for the people of the country is undertaken by the government, it happens because concerted and heated activism brings the issue to the attention of public servants and serves them notice that they have to take action or lose their jobs.

Activism is key to getting powerful political figures at the city, state, and federal government levels to finally take action on the issue of securing a clean water supply for every citizen in this country. It has worked before. You are certainly familiar with the annual observance of Earth Day. That recognition of the need to put a priority on the environment was the result of a tremendous amount of activism. The concrete results of that activism resulted in the passage of one of the most significant pieces of legislation, designed to improve and protect the clean water supply of this country. That legislation was the Clean Water Act of 1972.

Activism isn’t about staging demonstrations and making a scene for the press. It is about making everybody aware of the problems of contamination of the clean water supply. The next step is then organizing and mobilizing ourselves at a local level to raise the awareness of legislators who have the resources, the funding, and the authority to take action to protect the clean water supply your community depends upon. That activism may be no more radical and dramatic than talking to friends and neighbors and joining or organizing a citizens group to meet with city employees who manage your water reserves and then with city, county, and state representatives to let them know your concerns for the clean water supply and your expectation that they will do the right thing to protect it.

There is a phrase that is popular in the environmental movement that applies well to the way you can approach activism for a clean water supply. That phrase is “think globally, act locally.” At a local level, being an activist means becoming knowledgeable about how the water you drink is protected and where improvements can be made. It means understanding how water is tested and staying up to date on the level of contamination that is in the clean water supply for your town.

Above all, the most positive thing you can do for your household and your family is to take steps to ensure that the water that comes out of the faucets at your house is clean, safe, and healthy. That can be done through the installation of a home water filtration system that will stop water contamination in its tracks before it can have a negative health impact on your family.

Aquasana is a great partner for you and your family in your quest to provide your home with a clean water supply consistently, day in and day out. By working with good partners like Aquasana and by doing all you can at the local, state, and federal levels to promote the cause of a world with a reliably clean water supply, you and your neighbors can make a difference.