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Posted on Jun 23, 2010

How Can National Drinking Water Week Help Our Water Supply?

National Drinking Water Week serves to raise awareness about the quality of our drinking water. Most people assume that water must be safe if it is coming out of the faucet. However, they need to be educated about the various contaminants that can be found in that drinking water. This National Drinking Water Week takes place annually during the first week of May.

Part of the awareness during this week is to get people to test their own water. Most people have never done so before. They assume all of the right testing has been taking place at the water treatment plant in their area. They also have no clue about how really simple it is to test your own water at home. Curiosity usually gets them involved with the use of testing strips.

It is important for individuals, business owners, and even whole communities to have a realistic idea about what is in their drinking water. That awareness can serve to encourage them to take steps that will reduce the contaminants found in them. Since there are so many different forms of contamination that can occur in drinking water, such testing needs to take place on a regular basis. It shouldn’t be only limited to National Drinking Water Week.

Most people don’t go back to just drinking tap water and take for granted that it is clean enough when they have been handed additional information. That is why the annual efforts of this program continue to get more and more people advocating for better drinking water and stricter laws about the levels of contamination that will be accepted.

As they find out a bit of information, they are more inclined to read magazine and newspaper articles about drinking water. They are also going to be surfing the Internet for great information that they can rely on, as well. In the end, many of them will become lifelong fighters in the quest for everyone to have better drinking water available to them. They will have the right information to make decisions in the future about the water they drink.

Exploring information during National Drinking Water Week can help people take action. As they learn that their water isn’t as safe as they thought, it can encourage them to take action. They can learn more about what needs to be done to improve the quality of their drinking water. No one is making a profit by offering such information, but they are improving the environment for all of us one step at a time.

This needs to start in the home with the installation of a great multi-level water filtering system. That will take plain tap water and change it into something that looks better, tastes better, and that is better for you to consume. Aquasana can be a partner to you and your family in making sure the water that comes out of your faucets is clean, healthy, and tastes good, too. As you learn more about drinking water, you will also want to be working on encouraging local and national efforts to provide everyone with drinking water that is safe.