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Posted on Jun 1, 2010

What Are Some Steps I Can Take to Improve my Family’s Water Quality?

It is no secret that water quality due to widespread water contamination is a problem in this country, so it is smart for you to recognize that there is a possible problem with your water. You may have already ordered reports from your water supplier to determine how safe your water is. If so, that is a good first step. While you wait for them, here are some additional tips to help improve your family’s water quality now.

The hardest thing to do when wanting to improve your family’s water quality is to get started. Many times, you may think it’ll be better to leave a problem that is this large to people who are in power and can make a difference. Waiting for the government to change your water quality is unrealistic. If you start the task and make it a family activity, that will help to keep the whole family in the habit of water awareness even when the children grow up and start their own families. If your entire family works together to improve your family’s water quality, that will make the process easier.

As you get your entire family involved, it’s important to let everyone know the dangers of flushing medication and cleaners down the drain. Flushing things down the toilet will introduce chemicals and medication into the water supply. You need to remember that other people, including yourself and your family, drink that water. There have been studies that surprise people about the amount of medication found in the public water supply.

Any medication, prescription or over-the-counter, should be taken to a hazardous waste collection site to be properly disposed of. If you are unable to make it to one of the sites or cannot find one in your area, mix the medication with coffee grounds. Put that mixture in a waterproof plain container, a sealable bag, or empty cans and throw it away.

Before you dispose of household cleaners, read the label printed on the can or bottle. Many of the cleaners used to clean sinks, showers, toilets, and tubs can be poured down the toilet. It is recommended not to dispose of anything down the drain if you have a septic tank. If you have a cleaner that can be disposed down the drain, turn the water on and pour the chemical compound into the flowing water slowly. After you’ve emptied the bottle, let the water run after the chemicals are gone. Clean out the bottle, wrap it in newspaper, and dispose with your household garbage. If the container is glass or plastic, it can be recycled as well.

Some other products that shouldn’t be flushed are pesticides, herbicides, oil paints, paint cleaners, and oil and transmission fluids. Many of the activities you do in the garage or the driveway can result in toxic byproducts that should not go into the public water supply. For example, don’t pour old gasoline that you would use in a lawnmower out into the street. When it rains, that gasoline will find its way into the public drain.

Also, never burn any hazardous material on the ground. When properly disposing of any hazardous materials, don’t combine them. These materials can include anything that you are tempted to flush. One way to take care of hazardous materials is to solidify these waste products.

The first step to solidify is to put on gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals. Have the waste ready. Use any absorbent material like sawdust, kitty litter, paper towels, or rags to soak up the liquid. You’ll make the liquid chemical solid, making it safe to put out with the rest of your trash.

By exposing leftover latex paint to air, it will solidify the paint so you can dispose of the paint in the household garage. You can also wrap empty containers in layers of newspaper to prevent exposing any contamination to the environment.

These steps are to help your family’s water quality in the end. One way to immediately make your water better is by installing a reliable Aquasana water filtration system. This will protect your family from poor water quality that you cannot control. That is a good feeling for any homeowner or parent.