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Posted on Jun 23, 2010

What Can be Done about Bad-Tasting Drinking Water?

Bad-tasting drinking water can ruin your day. No one wants to drink water with a nasty taste. Water is supposed to be cleansing, invigorating, and even relaxing, and having a bad taste makes it just the opposite. If you get from your faucet only bad-tasting drinking water, you can do something about it and it’s very easy. Now, the solution for bad-tasting drinking water is not to mask its taste by adding flavoring and sugar. That’s not what your body needs. You need pure, healthy, and tasty drinking water, and that is what you can get.

The nasty taste in your water is caused by particles found in it. These particles can be anything from dust and sand to pesticides and chemicals. Is your water cloudy? Then it probably is bad-tasting, too. The cloudiness found in drinking water comes from the polluting particles found in the water that came to you from the public water reservoir. When you remove these pollutants and eventually the cloudiness, the water’s bad taste will improve as well.

Sometimes, bad-tasting drinking water is caused by the lack of necessary minerals in the water. Stripping your water of those minerals by using a water filtration method that removes them will result in water that tastes “flat.” It is just as important to remove pollutants from the water as it is to retain the healthy minerals in the water. Oftentimes, the process of purification overdoes the stripping process, because you need those minerals in your water not only for good-tasting water but for healthy living.

The best thing to do to bad-tasting drinking water is to remove all its pollutants while keeping its minerals. This can easily be done by purchasing a home water purification system. There are several types of purification systems available on the market today. Some of the best have multiple filtering technologies, sediment pre-filters, or sub-micron filtration. These filters remove water pollutants such as synthetic chemicals, lead, mercury, chlorine, gasoline additives, pesticides, and others.

These water filtration systems are affordable and effective at protecting the purity of your drinking water. They can deal with bad-tasting drinking water and still give you the minerals you need. You don’t have to resort to unhealthy, sugary drinks to quench your thirst. You can forego the overpriced bottled water as well.

With a home water filtration system, you can be confident that you will have healthy, pure drinking water at any time. In many cases, the costs of a reliable water filter system like those that Aquasana supports can be as low as 10 cents for a gallon of pure, healthy, and good-tasting water. If you don’t want to purchase a filter for your whole house right now, opt for the faucet filtration system. Its coverage is not as wide as the whole house filter system, but deals with the most important source of water in your home, which is where you draw your water for drinking.

With Aquasana, one of the nation’s leading water filter system providers, the deal only gets better. Aquasana is a trusted maker of reliable and efficient water filter systems. Having been around for years, they have a mastery of the water filter industry. Not only will you get the greatest value for your money when you invest in an Aquasana water filter for your home, you also get the best-tasting water around.