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Posted on Jun 26, 2010

What Concerns Should Expecting Parents Have about Contaminated Drinking Water?

You are probably familiar with chlorine as a substance used as a water disinfectant. It is one of the most common water disinfectants used by local municipal water treatment systems because it is cheap and fairly effective. However, this widely used chemical is reported to cause serious health problems, especially in pregnant women.

The chemical byproducts that come from chlorinated water can be too much for pregnant women to bear. While chlorine fights bacteria in water, it can form chloroform or other similar compounds if it is used on water with organic elements such as farm and yard debris. Compounds like chloroform are the culprits of illnesses caused by contaminated drinking water. A pregnant woman should not be exposed to high concentrations of such compounds.

These compounds can cause really bad effects for an expecting mother and her unborn child. Drinking water with chlorine byproducts in it can cause birth defects, miscarriage, neural tube defects, and reduced fetal growth. Obviously, you wouldn’t want this for anyone. The fact that pregnant women are required to drink more water than an average person puts them at a greater risk of contracting illnesses from chlorinated water. Also, their lowered immune system while pregnant causes them to be more susceptible to such severe harm, not just for themselves but also for the developing child.

Because natural bodies of water and other water reservoirs are contaminated with algae, animal waste, sewage, and sediment, the government has ordered water plants to use chlorine as a cleansing agent, thus putting expectant mothers and their unborn children at risk.

More and more research groups and environmental advocates are conducting intensive studies on the link between chlorinated water and birth defects. This has resulted in discussions about setting a new limit on chlorine byproducts in water. They have discovered that since 1995, more than 11 million people have used water with chlorine byproducts above the new proposed limit for 12 months in a row or longer. To address this problem, more money is needed for research into better forms of water filtration in municipal systems so that they could use alternative forms of filtering water that are safer than the cheaper chlorine.

This is something that will not change overnight. More research and legal action is needed before necessary changes can be made to the system to deal with the problems of contaminated drinking water. While this is going on, you must not leave your health or the health of your children in anyone else’s hands. Take the necessary steps to ensure that the water you use has no chlorine byproducts. Switch to quality water filters such as those from Aquasana to immediately to protect your family from the risk of getting sick. Aquasana water filters do not use chlorine. Instead, they use more sophisticated technology to clean your water and give you only clean, healthy and good-tasting water that has been filtered to eliminate chemicals or any additives. Even your child will thank you for it.