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Posted on Jun 1, 2010

What Kind of Water Treatment Scams Should I Be Aware of?

In the last few years, awareness of the problem of contamination of the public water reserves of most cities has grown. There have been ample studies and reports in the media about the problem and that has made everybody more aware of the need to find an alternative to drinking tap water that could be contaminated with a wide variety of toxic substances. There are some viable and workable solutions, such as installing a reliable water filtration system by a respected company like Aquasana. There are just as many scams that only look to cash in on the concern you have for the safety of your water in order to cheat you out of your money instead of helping you solve the problem.

One kind of water treatment scam that makes its rounds routinely is a pitch to sell you water testing. As with many water treatment scams, the “hook” is based on how dangerous many types of water contamination that may be that be in your public water supply could be.

This is an effective hook because the basis of the appeal is entirely true. It is true that the EPA has confirmed literally thousands of potential forms of water contamination that make their way into the public water supply of every city in this country. Some of those forms of water contamination could be quite toxic and they include water contamination from pesticides, fertilizers, industrial solvents, and other chemicals to biological contamination from livestock whose refuse makes its way into the water, amongst many more.

The reason many of these water treatment scams are crooked is that they are not telling you that you can determine the extent and nature of what kind of water treatment you need with very little investment. You do not have to pay into some well-marketed water treatment scam just to find out what kind of water contamination you are up against. For one thing, you can determine a lot about the water coming to your home from what it looks like, how it tastes, and how it smells. If there is something about your home’s tap water that is unpleasant, that is a signal that you need to look into installing a good water filtration system like those Aquasana can show to you.

If you need a more detailed analysis of the extent of water contamination in your community, it is available for free from your municipal water processing agency. The EPA requires that the people who manage the water in your community test it frequently and make that information available to you at no cost. There is no reason to give in to a water treatment scam about testing when a simple phone call or online search will give you extensive results about your water being tested, which is happening every week of the year.

It is just as important to be alert to scams that will attempt to sell you a water treatment system that will not work because it is not based on well-designed technology. You can tell if you are being exposed to a water treatment scam if the promises being made are not believable. Sometimes the technology that the water treatment scam is promoting is faulty, such as providing you with clean water using magnets or other “myths” about how to get rid of water contamination.

The best way to avoid a water treatment scam is to limit who you will permit to show you water treatment solutions. Aquasana is a recognized leader in the water filtration business. The water filters that Aquasana sells conform to standards set by the government and they are in line with the kinds of water treatment solutions that the EPA recommends for most home owners.

By doing business with someone like Aquasana who knows what they are talking about and who have a long reputation of quality service to their customers, you will be certain that your investment in clean water for you and your family will be well spent.