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Posted on Jul 25, 2010

Are Chemical and Industrial Companies Deliberately Ignoring Clean Water Laws?

There may be many clean water laws in place but they are often ignored. Many companies that work with chemicals and industry just don’t feel that they have to live under clean water laws. Since the government isn’t enforcing them, they feel they don’t have to take on the responsibility. It isn’t an ethical decision but it is one that allows them to continue making lots of money.

It isn’t just drinking water that can be a problem when clean water laws are ignored. Clean water laws help to prevent issues such as arsenic coming in through the shower. When you take a bath or shower, those contaminants can enter your open pores. However, there are high levels of arsenic and many other types of harmful elements found in the water going to homes all over this country.

Many children experience a high level of dental problems at an early age. It has been blamed on parents letting them eat candy and drink soda. However, many experts are now taking a close look at the quality of the water that these children are drinking. Clean water laws have to be enforced if such problems are going to be rectified.

Some citizens are taking steps to hold various chemical and industrial companies liable. However, lawsuits to try to make corporations obey clean water laws can be expensive and time consuming. These companies have expensive lawyers that know how to find loopholes that can be used to dodge clean water laws. They can also afford to drag the lawsuit out for years.

There are people suffering from serious health problems due to clean water laws not being enforced. They don’t have the time to wait for a lawsuit to fix the problem. They need help with their medical care right now. They don’t want to be unable to work or to care for their children due to their tap water being laced with different forms of toxic contamination.

There are more than 500,000 documented incidents of chemical and industrial companies deliberately ignoring clean water laws. They have continued to dump toxins, release emissions, or allow chemicals to get into the water. Until the government stops them in their tracks with harsh fines, by closing them down, or even giving jail terms to those approving such activities, it is going to continue to happen.

Those clean water laws out there are meant to protect us all. However, there are so many loopholes that allow industrial and chemical companies to ignore them that many clean water laws are simply useless. It is up to the citizens who need to take up the battle on all levels. Be a driving force to put pressure on the government to enforce the clean water laws that have been passed and to close those loopholes

In the meantime, do all you can to make sure your own family has the quality of drinking water they need. With one of the water filters that Aquasana offers, you will be able to secure your ability to consume healthy water. This will help your family to avoid various problems that can develop from toxic contaminants in your drinking water.