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Posted on Jul 29, 2010

Are Government Water Purity Standards Good Enough for Your Family?

It is really upsetting that government water purity standards are so low. Sadly, most people don’t realize the problem. They continue to drink the water that comes out of the tap without filtering it. Others have heard about the problems so they changed to only drinking bottled water. However, the government is even less strict about water purity standards for the bottled water industry. So, in terms of drinking healthy and uncontaminated water, bottled water is not the answer.

Part of the problem is that the types of contaminants as well as the levels of them change in our environment. The procedures used at water treatment facilities are complex and often have many stages. They are set up to remove certain things from the drinking water. It is unrealistic, however, to think that they can remove everything.

You also have to remember that there are good things in our drinking water, including calcium and potassium. These natural minerals in water are good for us and it is important for your health that they remain in the water that you drink. There are numerous types of water filtration that seek to remove additional forms of contamination but at the same time, these water filtration systems can compromise these minerals. It can be a tough call to decide what stays and what goes. It can also be tough to say what safe levels of toxins in our drinking water are and what is too high.

The fact that the number of cases of cancer continues to rise is a concern. Studies have suggested that the cause of this dramatic public health problem could be due to free radicals that get into the drinking water. Most of us drink water because it is good for us. We also give it to our children and our pets. However, it is possible those efforts aren’t good for you when you consider the low government water purity standards that are currently in place.

In many cases the government does agree that changes need to be made. Yet it is a complex process to find out how introducing a new process will work overall for the quality of public drinking water. There is also the cost involved with changing the process and adding or modifying water treatment plants. The price is usually more than $100 million per plant.

When there seems to be troubled economic times going on around the world, many issues like government water purity standards continue to get pushed to a back burner. Most people agree these issues are important but time and funds are not available to deal with them at this point in time.

Since the government water purity standards aren’t high enough, it is important to be part of an advocate group for clean water. Get involved so that the message to our leaders is loud and clear. Let them know you want to have stricter guidelines in place when it comes to the quality of the water your family is consuming.

Such efforts are going to take time to get moved forward and for action to be taken. However, there are steps you can take right now to ensure your family is drinking safer water. One of the most effective and affordable methods is to get a water filtering system from Aquasana. They are a leader in this industry with products that can help you feel better about the current drinking water situation in your home and for your family. While that will not cure the bigger problem of water purity standards nationally, a home water filter system from Aquasana can give you reliable, clean, and healthy water at home.  That is a good start.