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Posted on Jul 30, 2010

Electrodeionization: Close, but no Cigar

Electrodeionization is the process of removing as many ionizable particles from a liquid as possible. In layman’s terms, this means removing as many particles as possible from the water. The way it works is quite simple. The water is run through a membrane coursing with electricity. The electric current causes the majority of the ions in the water to attach to the membrane and the resulting water is extremely pure.

Pure water may sound like an ideal objective, but in reality it is not the goal you are looking for when filtering your drinking water. Pure water contains nothing but water. This means that it is extremely absorbent. When you drink pure water it goes through your body absorbing as many minerals and nutrients as it can. This is exactly the opposite of what you want it to do. When you drink properly filtered water it should be providing your body with nutrients and minerals. Water is one of the top sources of certain minerals. When you remove them from the water, although you are still hydrated, you will not be as healthy as those who drink properly filtered water.

In order to remove all the contaminants from water while retaining the helpful minerals and nutrients, you need to use a proper water filter. Manufacturers such as Aquasana create filters which are “smart” about what they remove from your water. They use a fine granular carbon filter which absorbs the chemicals that you do not want in your water while leaving the healthy minerals in the water. This means that the water can provide you with the nutrients and minerals rather than taking them from your body.

If, after testing your drinking water, you find there are high levels of contaminants, then filtering with electrodeionization is certainly a better solution than drinking contaminated water. When looking at  it, however, electrodeionization is neither the cheapest nor the most effective method of filtering water. It removes too much from your water, forcing it to take away the very minerals that the water should be providing. A high-quality water filter such as those from Aquasana is a much better investment for your drinking water.