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Posted on Jul 29, 2010

Should you Provide Filtered Water to Your Household Pets?

Which  kinds of water are bad for pets, such as fish, frogs, and other amphibians, and which kinds are good? Is it appropriate to provide filtered water that comes from your Aquasana home water filtration system for these types of animals?

Regular, unfiltered tap water can be deadly to fish, frogs, and other amphibians. This is because unfiltered water contains two major contaminants, chlorine and copper. These kinds of water pollution can kill these types of pets. Bottled water, unfortunately, is not much better and can be too expensive to keep up on hand to provide a healthy living environment for pets that live in the water.

Chlorine is used in tap and bottled water as a disinfectant. According to the Fish Lore website, to avoid killing your fish, frog, or other amphibian pet, chlorine must be removed from their aquarium and drinking water. Fish Lore also warns against copper in water. They state on their website that, “copper can be very harmful to fish and invertebrates.” These are just the contaminants that can easily be tested for in your aquarium water.

Unfortunately, as stated on the Think Fish website, “not all pollutants can be easily tested for and there are many chemicals and substances that are poisonous to fish at certain levels.” This means that there could be chemicals in your tap or bottled water that are at a small level safe for humans but they could kill your fish, frog, or other amphibian pet.

For this reason, it is best to use water that has been filtered in your aquariums. Water that is filtered through any one of Aquasana’s filtration systems is going to remove the chemical contaminants that may be harmful to your aquatic pets. The water that is produced through the filtration systems made by Aquasana is not only  what is best for the health and well being if your pets, it is essential for a healthy lifestyle for humans as well.

Just as you need to protect your loved ones from the dangerous contaminants and chemicals that are in your tap water, you need to protect your fish and amphibious pet as well. After all, they live all or most of their lives in this water, so it needs to be as free of danger as possible. By installing a reliable Aquasana water filtration system, you will have an unlimited supply of filtered water for your pets and for all of your household needs as well and that supply will not represent a serious financial setback.  A good Aquasana water filter is an efficient solution for the health of your pets and for the humans that love them as well.