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Posted on Jul 30, 2010

The Value of Healthy Drinking Water

Few people worry very much about what they drink. If most people are thirsty, they open a can of soda pop, drink it, and feel satisfied. The caffeine rush gives them an extra boost as they go about their day, and it tastes delicious! However, soda is not the ideal drink for anyone trying to stay healthy or get in shape. The best drink for your health is pure water. Why is this? It’s simple. You need water to live. Your body is 72% water!

Without water, you would quickly die from dehydration. Soda pop and energy drinks have water in them – that’s why you can quench your thirst temporarily with them – but they’re not a substitute for the real thing.  Soda contains a large amount of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Both of these are very high in calories. By adding a large amount of calories, you are increasing your chances of quickly becoming overweight. Water has no calories, and hydrates far better than any soda pop.

Sugar and caffeine are also diuretics that cause your body to excrete water and lead to dehydration. Pure, filtered water provided by Aquasana water filters is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Water is used to carry food to your cells in order to be converted into energy. You lose water many ways: Breathing, urinating, sweating, and digestion all require and use water.  If you are walking around dehydrated, you will need to eat more food in order to get enough energy to make it through your day. Though there is no magic amount of water for everyone, your body knows how to tell you when you need more water: you become thirsty. If you are thirsty, then you are probably already dehydrated to a negative extent.  Because of water’s importance to your body, it is essential to have a good source of clean water to drink.

When you know your water is pure and tastes good, you will naturally drink more and be healthier as a result.

A water filter provided by Aquasana can be the perfect way to start your healthy lifestyle.