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Posted on Jul 29, 2010

Toronto Schools Back Filtered Water

The filtered water bug has well and truly bitten the Toronto school system recently, with the announcement that two schools are going to be providing their students with a vending machine that provides filtered water in recycled bottles for a small fee. This is the first movement of its kind in Canada and is not only fantastic for the environment but is also fantastic for the health of the children that attend the schools and potentially children elsewhere too if it proves to be successful.

Fern Avenue and Parkdale Cl Public Schools have both agreed to take part in a pilot scheme to sell filtered water to students in a bid to improve environmental awareness and cut their collective carbon footprints. The water will be taken from municipal water stores and so is effectively tap water, but it will be filtered before it is sold to the children, meaning that the water is perfectly safe for them to drink, having none of the disadvantages of either bottled water or indeed tap water. All contaminants will have been filtered out of it before the children drink it.

Some parents have complained because the idea of paying for public water obviously does not sit well with them. If it was tap water then this would be understandable, but the fact it is filtered makes all the difference. Take Aquasana filters as an example of why it makes such a difference. The filters remove all traces of harmful substances that may be in the water but leave all of the elements that are essential to health in there. Bottled water does not even do that! As such, filtered water is better for their children and, at less than half the price of bottled water, well worth every penny.