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Posted on Aug 11, 2010

Ditch the Pitcher

A pitcher which filters the water inside seems like the perfect solution to clean your drinking water. It is relatively cheap and can be conveniently carried around, unlike a filter which sits on your faucet or counter top. If the websites that sell water pitcher filters are to be believed, then these pitchers are just as effective as a high-quality water filter such as those sold by Aquasana. This is simply not the case.

Water filtration pitchers are some of the least effective types of water filters available. They will take out a few of the chemicals that make the water taste horrible, but they provide much less health benefits. A standard pour-through water filtration pitcher will come with one filter that lasts for about 30 gallons. The replacement filters will cost about two thirds as much as the pitcher itself. Over the course of only a year, it will take far more money to use a filtration pitcher than it would be to simply buy a high quality countertop water filter.

Higher quality water filtration pitchers do not rely on gravity to run the water through the filter as you pour it. Some of them come with a pump which will pump the water through a filter so you do not have to wait for the filter to finish before it will come out of the pitcher. These filters are usually slow, and can take several hours for all the water in the pitcher to be fully filtered. The filters on nearly all filtration pitchers are made out of large carbon granules. Unlike the carbon filters used in high-quality water filters, these filters have a tendency to let bacteria and harmful chemicals through the water. Although the pitcher filters will be better than nothing, you can get higher quality water for less money by purchasing a slightly more expensive water filter that offers more value.

The type of filter you use to clean your water does make a difference in the quality of water you consume. A cheap water filtration pitcher will make your water cleaner than plain tap water, but it cannot hold a candle to a high-quality water filter such as those from Aquasana. Over the long run, the water filtration pitcher is more expensive and more time consuming than an on-the-counter filter. When you choose what type of filter you should use to clean your water, keep in mind the long term as well as the short term. It will help you to make better decisions to keep you and your family healthier.


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