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Posted on Aug 17, 2010

How Do I Put in a Replacement Water Filter in My Refrigerator?

Making sure that great water comes out of your tap is one of the big reasons most people invest in a water filter system. What is sometimes overlooked is how often you or your family gets your drinking water from the dispenser in the door of the refrigerator. There is a water intake hose that provides the water for those faucets and to provide the raw material for the ice that your automatic ice maker produces. If the water for those functions is not properly filtered, you could be getting contaminated water even if you have an outstanding water filter on your kitchen faucets.

If you bought your home with your water filters in place, it could be that the refrigerator water filter is not something you think about very often. Just as you must put replacement water filters in the faucet filters you have around the house, you should have it in your schedule to put a replacement water filter in your refrigerator water filtration system on a regular basis as well.

A good rule of thumb is that you should plan to put a replacement water filter in your refrigerator water line about twice a year. If you don’t know when the last time a replacement water filter was put in that particular water source, then now is the time to take care of it. The first step is to find where in the water line the water filter is placed and to get some model numbers from it so you can buy the replacement water filter you need. Generally the refrigerator water filter is between the water source hose coming in from the house and the housing of the refrigerator.

When you find a source that will sell you the right replacement water filter for your refrigerator, buy two or three. A good water filter provider like Aquasana can make sure you have a regular supply of the replacement water filters you need. Keep them on hand so you don’t have to go looking for one the when the time to put in a replacement water filter comes around.

The two precautions to take when you put in a replacement water filter in your refrigerator are to unplug the refrigerator and to turn off the water going to the unit. You may have to trace the water line back to find the cut off valve for that water feed to your refrigerator unit and turn it until you cut it off. Often it is the same valve system that controls the water that goes to your sink faucets. Securely seal that water off so you don’t have water shooting out when you disconnect the water filter to put in the replacement water filter.

Be sure you put a towel under the water filter housing before you open it to catch residue water that will come out. The filter will open by turning it counterclockwise until the housing opens to reveal where to put in the replacement water filter. These units are made to be replaced by a homeowner so it should not be difficult to open the filter and swap out the old filter with the replacement water filter that you bought.

Before you put the assembly back together, take a few moments and inspect the water filter itself for damage and excess build up. You can use a small rag to clean inside the water filter before you put the replacement water filter in place and reassemble the housing.

Now just turn the water back on, plug your refrigerator back in, and put everything back in place. When the water begins to flow, test the faucet in the door and engage the ice maker. You should hear the water flowing to it when it goes through its natural cycle. Discard the old water filter and save the packaging along with your receipt so you know where to get another replacement water filter when the next six months goes by. Meanwhile, enjoy fresh and great-tasting water and ice from your refrigerator because you took the time to keep your water filter in good repair on schedule each year.


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