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Posted on Aug 7, 2010

Is There an Invisible Threat of Respiratory Problems in Your Shower Vapors?

Taking a shower should be a harmless activity. Although everyone agrees with this, some people have realized that there are risks involved in taking a shower. This has led to the market for shower handles and non-slip shower mats. Despite all the advertisements about the risks for falling in the shower, relatively few people realize the risk they take by showering with unfiltered water due to the contamination in their shower vapors. The chemicals in your shower vapors can represent an invisible threat which very few people take seriously.

One of the most pervasive chemicals found in shower water is chlorine. Chlorine is used practically everywhere in order to remove the bacteria and viruses from your water. Unfortunately, chlorine does not only kill harmful bacteria. Once it is done destroying bacteria, it looks for any other living tissue to attack. This means that by the time it comes out of your shower, the water you are using to clean yourself contains a chemical which have a detrimental influence on your skin. Obviously this is not ideal, but it is not your biggest problem.

The steam from your shower water contains chlorine vapors. Medical studies have linked constant exposure to these shower vapors to some extremely serious medical conditions. These conditions include asthma, damage to the lungs, and even lung cancer. By filtering your shower water, you can eliminate shower vapors as a source of chlorine exposure. Since the majority of exposure to chlorine is from showers and swimming pools, this will help non-swimmers to cut down their chlorine exposure significantly.

Filtering your shower water is the best way to reduce chlorine exposure in your home. With a high-quality shower filter such as those made by Aquasana, you can cut your chlorine exposure drastically. With a lower exposure to chlorine, you give yourself a much better chance at avoiding the invisible threat of water contamination in your shower vapors.

A high-quality water filter such as those made by Aquasana will remove the chlorine from your water, giving you a shower which will not poison your body. Along with that benefit, your Aquasana water filter will eliminate a wide variety of water contamination threats so you can be confident that the water used for showering, drinking, cooking and cleaning are all free of dangerous water contamination. That is a good assurance to have.


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  1. Is that so? Thank you for your advice. I’ve been using non slip shower mats ever since my brother accidentally slipped in the bathroom. Glad he was fine and not injured. I’ll take your advice and will also use shower filters.

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