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Posted on Aug 28, 2010

Is There Any Research to Support Potential Shower Water Contamination Risks?

It is true that drinking contaminated water can harm our health. Many people are not aware of the surprising amount of toxins, such as chlorine, that are present in our tap water. More and more people are finding ways to purify the water they drink by purchasing filters for their drinking water. What many do not know is that this is not enough.

According to the American Journal of Public Health, two-thirds of the damage we experience from chlorine residue in water is from the water we use in the shower. As hard as that is to believe, it is true that you can get more harm from the shower water than from your drinking water.

This is so because when we are in the shower, the pores of our skin open up and easily absorb the chlorine from the water and the steam. Our skin becomes a sponge, and we drench it in water that is sometimes contaminated.

Experts from Rutgers University found that the amount of vaporized chlorine that is taken in during a 10-minute shower is the same as you might get from drinking 2 liters of unfiltered water. We would not want to drink chlorine from unfiltered water. So why do we let ourselves shower in unfiltered water that can be more dangerous to our health?

There are thousands of contaminants present in our water and the government only regulates a small number of them. With the increase of industrialization in our society, the number of contaminants in our water will only increase. The industrial and agricultural sectors are using more and more chemicals as well. These chemicals end up going into our water treatment plants that are ill equipped to deal with them. Because of these sources of water contamination, we know that the condition of our water is only going to get worse.

It is very important to have shower head water filters installed in all of your showers at home. These filters will help you be healthier because the water you use in the shower will no longer contain toxic contamination. It will cleanse your shower water of impurities such as chlorine, weed killers, drugs, fertilizers, lead, and mercury. It will leave your water clean and pure.

Also, having clean and pure shower water will protect your hair and skin. This is because chlorine can dry out the hair and skin. By having chlorine filtered out by your shower head water filter, those harsh chemicals can no longer affect your appearance. Other contaminants can also cause irritation and rashes if found in shower water.

It’s always best to be safe from harmful toxins that are found not only in your drinking water, but also in your shower. If you are looking for a shower head water filter that you can trust, choose Aquasana. Aquasana provides a wide range of water filter systems that are efficient and affordable. Aquasana water filters make sure you only have the best water quality. With their water filters, you will only have pure and safe shower water.


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