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Posted on Aug 4, 2010

Are the Most Expensive Water Filters the Best Ones?

When it comes to taking care of your family, nothing is more important. Most people would agree that you can’t put a price tag on the health and welfare of your family. Just because it is important does not mean that you should throw away money on an idea without checking it out.

Getting clean water is an important goal. It is important for your family’s health and it is important for your pocketbook. You could throw your money away on buying bottled water to try and meet your family’s needs but in the long run even the most expensive water filters cost less than bottled water does.

One reason bottled water is so expensive is you are constantly buying and throwing away those small plastic bottles. That is why buying a filter from a company such as Aquasana is the environmentally friendly way to go as well. Bottled water is often bottled directly from municipal water sources, meaning that it is no better than drinking water directly out of the tap.

It is smart to be a savvy shopper when looking for the best water filter for your home. As is true with other purchases, a high price tag does not mean that the most expensive water filter is the best one. One reason that more expensive filters can be more trouble than they are worth is that they are sometimes unnecessarily complex, meaning there is more that can go wrong.

The most expensive filter systems are whole house filtration systems, and depending on what company you get them from, they have different weaknesses. Some of them are so expensive that it becomes hard to justify the cost. On the high end of the spectrum, expensive water filter systems can cost as much as twelve thousand dollars.

On the cheaper end there are some available for a little over a thousand dollars. For that, you get clean water in every place in your house that you use water. The company may also include incentives such as free laundry soap for long enough for you to pay off the system.

A whole house system is worth the money if they are provided by a dependable water filter supplier like Aquasana and if they take advantage of a cost-effective water filtration design. Carbon-filtration whole house water filter systems are the most efficient and cost-effective designs for whole house water filter systems. Aquasana has a number of carbon-filtration water filter solutions that will fit your clean water needs as well as your budget.

Next, we can consider under-the-counter and mid-range systems, which instead of thousands of dollars are a more affordable couple hundred dollars per unit. These come in a variety of types and are somewhat prone to have clogs. The important thing to do is to read customer reviews of the system you are looking into and see how reliable they have proven to be.

The most inexpensive filters are point-of-use filters such as faucet filters and shower filters. You can install these yourself and if something does go wrong, they are easy to replace. They can be as cheap as forty to fifty dollars. Many studies have shown that these filters clog the least out of all the types. This proves that it is not how much you spend on something, it is the quality you get out of it. You will find there are many filters on the market from companies such as Aquasana. What is most important is to do your homework before making an investment in a water filter.


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