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Posted on Aug 4, 2010

Which Common Water Purifying Technique is better, Boiling or Filtration?

Boiling water has long been acknowledged as the best way of making sure that water is free of bacteria water contamination and fit for drinking. This notion has been handed down from generation to generation and is one of the common water purifying techniques that is still held as absolute truth in society today.

Unfortunately, there is as much myth as absolute truth about this common water purifying technique. Although boiling water is a common technique, it has numerous disadvantages. Those disadvantages ultimately make filtering your water a far better option if you want to drink the purest water possible.

The common water purifying technique of boiling literally involves bringing water to a boil in order to disinfect it. In short, this particular technique kills many of the microorganisms that live within the water and could potentially cause illness in the individuals that drink it before the bacteria and other organisms are killed. For example, Giardia lambilia and Cryptosporidium are both microorganisms that cause disease and that are also killed by boiling the water. The latter is resistant to disinfection and so it is absolutely necessary to kill it via boiling, although it is possible to remove it filtering as well.

However, although boiling water may purify water by removing bacteria, there are disadvantages with the technique. For example, water has to be boiled for at least one minute to be effective and even at that level, boiling does not necessarily kill all bacteria.

Furthermore, boiling can only remove solids and bacteria. This common water purifying technique will not remove other contaminants and in fact, boiling simply serves to concentrate lead rather than boiling it off. Chlorine is another substance that will not be removed via boiling water. This is because the boiling points for these substances are far higher than for boiling water.

Aquasana filters are far more effective a method for purifying water than the common water purifying technique of boiling water. For starters, the water that evaporates during boiling is automatically lost. There is no water lost at all with an effective and efficient Aquasana water filter.

Similarly, contaminated water vapor may also boil off and thus fill the atmosphere in your home. An Aquasana filter will prevent all contaminants from getting in your drinking water because they are filtered out. This includes chemicals like chlorine and metals like lead. It also includes parasites like Giardia and Crypto. As such, filtering water can remove far more foreign particles and potentially harmful substances than boiling can.

Boiling all of your water is not very practical for most families. By installing a reliable Aquasana filter, you get that little extra peace of mind that your drinking water is pure and safe without any additional effort by you. Aquasana water filters can be fitted to individual showers or faucets, or even the whole house should you so wish.

Filtering your water will remove the vast majority of contaminants and chemicals, improve the taste of your water and will also ensure that no substances that come into your home via water will be floating around your bathroom as contaminated water vapor and get into your lungs. Aquasana most definitely offers a better option for purifying water than relying on the common water purifying technique of boiling it, so it is worth looking at the filter options you have sooner rather than later.


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