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Posted on Aug 27, 2010

What Are the Advantages of an Under-Sink Water Purifier System?

Because the Environmental Protection Agency and your waste treatment plant can’t guarantee 100% completely clean and healthy water, it is important that you provide yourself with another level of protection. Under-sink water purifiers from Aquasana will protect you and your family.

Here are some advantages of having an under-sink water purifier. They will not clutter your countertop since they are installed under your counter. An under-sink water purifier is easy to install and use. Most importantly, of course, is that it provides you with pure and healthy water.

Consult the user manual when you are ready to mount the purifier. There are a number of websites that will show you how to mount the filter if you don’t understand your manual or lose it. Installation of the filter will take a couple of minutes and save you the money you’d use for a plumber. You’ll need to disconnect the water supply first. In order to install this device yourself, you’ll need to be able to drill a hole into your counter top to hook up the purifier to your faucet. Once your under-sink water purifier is installed, there is no other effort on your part.

Your under-sink water purifier doesn’t require a great deal of other maintenance after installation like reverse osmosis and distillation devices do. These types have to be paired up with other filters because they don’t entirely remove the chemicals and other types of water contamination like the under-sink water purifier does. These other devices also require that a house has constant, strong water pressure. They take up more space because reverse osmosis and distillation devices need a septic tank for storage.

An under-sink water purifier uses a technology called carbon filtration. This type of technology is fast and can produce as much as 30 gallons of clean water an hour. Other forms of water filtration are not nearly as productive and efficient as the carbon filtration design. The carbon filtration technology makes your water taste better and it removes chemicals, like chlorine, that can give water a bad taste. This filter removes organic and synthetic chemicals as well.

Your under-sink water purifier removes the contaminants found in your water without removing the natural minerals that are great for your body. This purifier removes more contaminants than pitcher and faucet water filter systems. Under-sink water purifiers are designed to remove a wide variety of contaminants like parasites, herbicides, lead, VOCs, bad odor, bad taste, and so much more.

You’ll notice that your dirty dishes will clean faster and they won’t have any soap scum buildup. It will also make your home smell better because many of the contaminants from your water can be transferred into the air when the water enters through any of the faucets unless it’s fitered.

The replacement cartridge costs around $50 and can filter around 500 gallons of water. You’ll spend about 10 cents a gallon for completely safe water. Let Aquasana be the company that supplies you with a filter to meet your desire for an under-sink water purifier that produces clean and healthy water.


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