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Posted on Aug 21, 2010

Why is Aquasana Better than Mavea Water Filtration pitchers?

Water filtration pitchers seem like a great idea at first. They are a cheap way to get cleaner, healthier drinking water. While to some extent, this is true, water filtration pitchers not the be-all end-all solution for drinking water quality that you would hope for.

Many water filtration pitchers do not have the same stringent requirements that Aquasana water filters are subject to. Water filtration pitchers are not subject to any of the government regulations imposed upon standard water systems. You can never be sure what you are drinking when using a water filtration pitcher. Another disadvantage of pitchers is their slow filtering speed. It can take nearly half an hour for a full pitcher of water to be completely filtered. Unless you are only filtering water for a small family, this water will quickly run out and you will be forced to drink unfiltered tap water.

Along with the limited supply of filtered water you can produce, using only water fiiltration pitchers means the water you use to cook, clean your clothes, wash your dishes and take showers in will all still be unfiltered, contaminated water.  You will not be able to filter drinking water that comes from other sources like from your refrigerator water outlet, at a wet bar, from faucets in the bathrooms or the water that fills your automatic ice maker. So you are not getting very good protection from water contamination for you or for your family using only water filtration pitchers.

An Aquasana water filter can filter water at a faster rate and has a much higher capacity tank. It would take an extremely large group to drink enough water to overpower an Aquasana water filter. One advantage that water filtration pitchers do have is the initial investment. Purchasing a water filtration pitcher will be cheaper than a high quality water filter at first.

The filters in a pitcher will not last nearly as long, however, as those in an Aquasana water filter. You will find yourself constantly changing the filters in the pitcher in order to maintain the taste and purity of the water. In the long run, an  Aquasana water filter will save you money on the cost of repeatedly purchasing filters. In the end, it simply makes more sense to purchase an Aquasana water filter instead of a Mavea water filtration pitcher. Over the long run, they will cost less and clean your water better.


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