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Posted on Sep 22, 2010

Aquasana Customer Testimonial

We received this email from another delighted Aquasana customer:

Aquasana Company

Your customer service is wonderful!   Thank you so much for calling to inquire about our experience with the shower filter.  My husband said you were going to send an adapter to extend the hand held device further from the shower stall.  I was happy with that response and pleasantly surprised to see that you shipped it the same day.  We rarely experience this quality of customer service.
We love the filter. We have a white shower curtain that always developed a stain from harsh water at the bottom.    It was ugly requiring us to purchase new shower curtains very frequently.  We put the filter on and the stain from the hard water went away on its own within a few days!!  We can only imagine how much cleaner our shower water is when it enters our pores and our lungs.  We certainly feel softer skin and hair, but the absolute indisputable immediate improvement in the quality of our water was evident through our shower curtain.  Amazing product.

Thanks again,   Melody B.

You are welcome, Melody. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to having you as a customer for years to come.


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