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Posted on Sep 3, 2010

How Can I Avoid Water Filter System Scams?

The best way to avoid water filter system scams is to be educated about water filters. You can prevent losing money by learning about some of these typical scams and how not to buy the wrong water filter for your needs.

Water filtration devices are not typically sold door-to-door. In Australia, the Commerce Commission stopped several companies who have been using this kind of marketing approach. The companies were going into neighborhoods and selling water filters called Love Springs. It took an interim injunction to stop them from doing so.

The injunction also stopped these water filter system scammers from making misleading statements about the quality of tap water. Many statements were made, such as tap water was dangerous, that it contained sewage, and bottled water was poisonous. They were also making statements about the possible health risks of the tap water families were drinking. They claimed that the water was causing cancer, miscarriages, deformities in babies, and asthma, and that the water had giardia. While there are real water contamination issues to be concerned about in both tap and bottled water, these claims were excessive and clearly designed to scare customers into buying into a water filter system.

Another scam that is extremely common is selling water testing for your drinking water. Many scams play on the fear that many people have about the dangerous types of contaminants in the water supply. Although this is an appropriate fear, these scammers don’t tell you that you can buy a reliable water treatment system from a reputable dealer like Aquasana that fits your budget.

The people’s fears are warranted because EPA has documented thousands of water contaminants that have been found in public water systems over the years. These forms of water contamination can be toxic to our health and to the environment. Common toxic water contaminants include pesticides, fertilizers, industrial wastes, and fecal matter from livestock. Therefore, a common scam is to convince you that you must invest in expensive water quality testing done by the scammer to detect that contamination.

You should realize that you don’t need to purchase a water test to determine your drinking water quality. Your community’s water supplier is required by law to produce consumer reports detailing any contaminants in the water that are at a higher level than what is set by EPA regulations. That information is available to you for free simply by requesting it or by finding it on the Internet. It is also much more reliable than any commercial water quality scam that will always deliver dire results to fool you into buying a water filter from the scam artist’s company.

Another way to tell the quality of your water without purchasing a scam water test is to use your five senses. If the water looks, tastes, or smells bad, sometimes that is a signal that your water quality is not quite right. From there you’ll want to order a report or check with your local water supplier about what can be done about the quality of your water.

To avoid water filter system scams, learn all you can about the technology in water treatment systems. You should know that there are all kinds of filters out there. The most common are activated-carbon filtration devices, reverse osmosis, and distillation. If you are being offered an unrealistic promise that the filter can provide or do something unbelievable, the pitch is a scam. Don’t give into false claims that water filter system scammers use claiming that they can remove contaminants with magnets and other myths.

The best way to protect yourself and your family from water filter scams is to know who sells the best products in the water treatment business. It is no surprise that Aquasana has been named the number one water filter supplier in the industry. They go beyond just designing a filter that works. They design a filter that removes a majority of contaminants so that they don’t reach you or your family. Water that is treated by an Aquasana filter is known for exceeding regulations of safety and purity set by the EPA. Aquasana’s main objective is supplying families with the purest of water without pulling any scams. They provide detailed tests confirming which impurities their filters remove and anything else you would need to know. Aquasana has their customers’ best interests in mind.

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