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Posted on Sep 20, 2010

How Often Should I Put In a New Replacement Water Filter?

You’ve taken the final step in getting better drinking water by purchasing a water filter. You’ve done all the research and with that knowledge, the rest is pretty easy. You put the filter in and you let it catch contaminants in the water before they cause your family harm. That’s all in a day’s work.

However, there is a critical step after purchasing your water filter that you need to make sure that you do. It is probably the most important step other than purchasing the best water filter for you and your family’s needs. It is putting in a new replacement water filter as needed.

You are in luck with a carbon water filtration device in your home, because it is extremely simple and inexpensive to use against water contaminants in your drinking water. This device is similar to the way that nature removes bacterial contaminants from the soil. The only difference is that you personally have to remove replace the filter or the cartridge in the filter.

Nature does a neat thing when it comes to water contaminants. It has its own process of removing any contaminants that may be found in water as it passes through soil. Its nature’s own filtration device. It will either kill bacteria or move it out of the soil. Soil has its own natural carbon. Physical particles will get trapped in this natural carbon, removing it from the water passing through the soil.

In a way, carbon filtration devices are similar to what soil does in nature. The only difference is the need for the filters or cartridges to be replaced. The filters don’t have a way to remove the contaminants from themselves. It’s your job to remove the filters in a timely manner and put in replacement water filters.

Determining when to remove the water filter depends on the type of filter that you own. There are a wide variety of filters out there. Although not all filter replacement schedules are the same, Aquasana usually recommends cartridges be replaced every six months.

Now you might wonder why cartridges need to be replaced. It’s simple, really. If you don’t replace the cartridge in your filter, all the contaminants you didn’t want in your drinking water in the first place will flow through your device unfiltered. What happens is all of the contamination that is being trapped in the device will clog the filter, leaving no room to capture any other chemicals or particles, which will then flow out along with the water.

As you rush to figure out when you bought your device and when you should be replacing the cartridge, it is important to know what type of device you have. The device determines how many times you will be replacing the water filter cartridge.

A kitchen faucet filtration device will be the appliance that will need to be replaced the most. The reason for that is the size of the device. Aquasana’s under-counter filtration system comes with twin cartridges making the replacement schedule about every six months. You only have to replace this model’s cartridge twice a year. By simply thinking ahead, buying four cartridges when you purchase the device will set you for a year.

Aquasana’s shower filter replacement cartridges also last approximately six months. Aquasana encourages you to complete the final step of receiving purer drinking water by knowing your cartridge replacement filter schedule so that you can enjoy that great water year in and year out for many years to come.


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