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Posted on Sep 2, 2010

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Shower Water Filter?

Many times the thing that alerts you that you may need to put in a water filtration system is something notable like a bad smell in the water. Nobody likes the smell of rotten eggs or other offensive odors coming from the water they drink. It is natural to allow that smell to get you started looking into installing water filters on the faucets where you get your drinking water to solve the problem. If you do that, however, it can be distressing when you go take a nice refreshing shower and that offensive odor comes out of the shower faucet. It is no more acceptable to bathe in foul-smelling water than it is to drink it.

A bad smell is just a signal of a bigger problem that many communities have with contamination in the water that comes to them from the city reservoir. There are literally thousands of potential contaminants that could be in the water that comes to your home from the public water processing plant. The list of possible unhealthy things that could be hidden in that water includes toxic chemicals like industrial solvents and cleaning materials, animal excrement rich with bacteria and parasites, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and even rocket fuel.

It makes sense to think seriously about putting a shower water filter in your bathroom because the benefits justify the costs easily. How often have you noticed after coming out of the shower that your hair or skin felt oily or dry and it seemed you had skin problems from being in the shower? That is no illusion, because your skin reacts to those unhealthy contaminants in the water. By putting in a shower water filter, you get back to showering in pure and clean water, which is what you intended to do in the first place.

You may not think about the shower as a place were you drink the water that comes out of the shower head. That water does get inside you in ways you may not have considered. The skin is the largest organ of your body and it is always breathing and absorbing moisture. Some studies have shown that in the time frame of an average shower, your skin absorbs as much water as you would drink during an average meal. If you are going to put filters on the sinks where you get your drinking water, it makes sense to give your skin the same consideration by installing a shower water filter.

A good shower water filter can even help keep the shower and the bathroom cleaner. When contaminated water comes out of the shower, it accumulates on the floor of the shower, in the drains and on the walls of the shower and in the bathroom. That film of grime that accumulates in bathrooms is coming from that steam that you enjoy standing in during a long, hot shower. Now take into consideration that the same steam that dirties up your bathroom walls and floors goes into your lungs as you breathe it in during a shower and you will begin to get the same urgency about a shower water filter as you did about drinking water filtration.

The good news is that a putting a shower water filter on the faucet is not that expensive. If you decide to install a whole house water filtration system, you will take care of the problem automatically while also providing healthy water filtration for all of your faucets and even to your dishwasher, your clothes washer, and to the hoses outside where the kids like to jump through the sprinkler.

The other good news is it is easy to find help in making a plan for putting in a shower water filter or any other water filtration system by talking to the experts at Aquasana. They not only know how to help design a water filtration solution that fits your lifestyle and your budget, they have great water filter products to make that plan a reality quickly, easily, and efficiently as well.


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