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Posted on Oct 5, 2010

Does the Aquasana shower filter really provide the healthiest shower possible?

The Aquasana shower filter has been designed specifically to improve the health of all members of a family and really does provide the healthiest shower possible. A shower without the Aquasana system in place can cause untold damage to your health. For example, chlorine is commonly found in tap water and is suspected of having carcinogenic effects, particularly with regard to breast cancer as sufferers are found to have 50 to 60% more chlorine in their breast tissue. Other chemicals may also find their way into your system as your pores enlarge when you are in the shower and this encourages the absorption of chemicals. It is not just about those on your skin though, you may be breathing in water contaminants too because they evaporate and mingle with the steam.

The Aquasana shower filter can help prevent water contaminants because it has a two-stage filter process that removes chlorine in the first instance and then THMs and VOCs, synthetic chemicals that are added to water, in the second. The benefits are amazing because you will be showering in softer water that does not alter the chemical balance of your skin. By removing the contaminants, you can ensure that you are not at risk of inhaling them or having them absorbed into your skin, so Aquasana can definitely provide you with the healthiest shower possible.


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