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Posted on Oct 4, 2010

Are the Costs of a Home Water Filter System too Expensive for me?

In today’s world, it has become hard to ignore the facts about bad water quality. Between sediment in the water and chlorine and chemicals that end up in the water supply, it is no wonder that almost everyone tries to seek out cleaner water in one way or another.

At first glance, it may seem like a home water filter system is too expensive of an investment. Some people worry that it might break the budget to fix their water problem. It might seem like it would be cheaper to just learn to live with it or to find a cheaper solution.

What you may not realize are the costs you are already paying by living with bad water. The biggest cost can be bottled water if that is a solution you opt for instead of a home water filter system. Bottled water can cost hundreds yearly, however, and it may not be any healthier for you. You may not know it, but many bottled waters are bottled directly from a public water supply. That means that in many cases, it is no healthier than what you get out of your tap.

Other brands lead you to believe they are offering you a higher-quality product by listing multiple filtration methods on the label. The thing most people overlook is that while it might list many water filter methods on the label, the company will almost always use the least expensive method.

Another sales technique that is used by bottled water companies is saying that minerals have been “added for flavor.” That terminology may be just a way of covering up that the bottled water company does not remove everything. If you are environmentally conscious, bottled water is also a bad choice because of the large amount of waste. Overall, bottled water is the most expensive way to get clean water and the only benefit it gives is that it is convenient.

Another cost of tap water is dehydration. Many people don’t want to drink contaminated tap water and the result can be that they do not stay properly hydrated. Sufficient water is vital for your body to function properly. Many studies have shown that without proper hydration, weight loss becomes much harder.

What many people do instead of drinking the proper amount of water is drink sugary soft drinks instead. These beverages do not provide as many health benefits of pure water and also cost much more.

Another cost to think about is the medical cost of drinking contaminated water. Chlorine water contamination is the biggest concern in this area, as it has been shown to cause cancer in adults and children as well as other health problems.

Looking at the alternatives, buying an effective home water filter system in many ways is the most cost- effective way of dealing with water contamination in the long run for your health. In addition, you can shop around and find something that fixes the problem but doesn’t break the bank.

A good example is a faucet or an under-the-sink filter. Faucet filters are a shorter term solution, but they can effectively provide clean water at a reasonable price. Under-the-sink filters cost a little more up front but are better in the long term. Either way, if you do your comparison shopping you can find a home water filter system that fits any budget. By working with a quality home water filter system supplier like Aquasana, they can help you find the perfect water filter solution that fits your needs and your budget.


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