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Posted on Oct 27, 2010

Are Your Denim Jeans a Water Contamination Threat to the Environment?

Denim jeans have long been a staple for many people’s wardrobe. However, could they be a water contamination threat? They certainly can be and that is a problem in many areas. For instance, lack of proper water treatment and the dyes used in coloring jeans are a concern as far as water quality.

The issue is more of a concern in some third-world countries. They don’t have the same resources for water treatment as other developed countries. However, much of the production of denim jeans often takes place in those third-world countries. Manufacturers find that they are able to get the labor done for less money by outsourcing However, the risks of this being a water contamination threat have caught the attention of many government officials around the world.

Other issues that lead to water contamination threats through the making of denim jeans have been identified. For example, the various types of dyes that are used to give them different shades of color can create a problem. There are also acid-washed jeans that are very stylish but they certainly introduce a variety of harmful chemicals to the water of the community near the facility that makes the jeans.

In response to this, the manufacturers are looking at some alternatives. They certainly don’t want to halt the production of denim jeans. There is a huge demand for them and that is a great money-making endeavor for them to be involved with.

For one thing, they are looking at alternative methods for how they grow the materials to make denim jeans. For example, the use of organic cotton is one possibility. Yet it is also one that will increase the cost of the jeans you buy. The process for growing anything organically means that no chemicals are used. Therefore, runoff from the crops can’t pollute the waterways. This process is more labor intensive and so it increases the overall costs relating to production efforts.

Another option is to look at recycling old denim. This could cut down on the amount of water used to create new denim jeans. It can also help to reduce the amount of contamination that occurs in our waterways in order to get the products that people are after. While you may love the look and feel of your denim jeans and other garments, the fact is that they are harsh for the environment.

Some of the companies that manufacture denim jeans are working to find good alternatives. They want to offer customers the same quality and look with the jeans that they have in the past. However, they are exploring the use of products that are eco-friendly in place of harmful chemicals.

Denim jean manufacturers have been identified as one of the water contamination threats out there. It is up to all of us to make positive changes that will help the environment. This may be one change you need to make when it comes to the clothing you wear. With more than 520 million pairs of denim jeans sold annually in the United States, you can see how the issue of a water contamination threat needs to be closely examined.



  1. Undoubtedly, denim production is a serious cause of water pollution. What’s worse is that it is the people who are least equipped to deal with this pollution that experience it. I only hope that consumers can afford to accommodate the anticipated high costs of making more environmentally-friendly jeans.

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