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Posted on Oct 25, 2010

How Should You Plan for Healthy Drinking Water During Pregnancy?

When you are expecting a baby, you can expect your life to change in many ways. Aside from the additional weight you will be carrying around, you will need to make changes in order to accommodate the health of the child growing inside you. Changes in lifestyle are necessary for your body to change along with your growing child. Remember that the child in you demands a lot from you and you must be ready to give it.

The body naturally needs water for all of its different bodily functions. By drinking the required 8 glasses of water a day, many illnesses, pregnancy symptoms, and discomforts can be avoided or minimized. The need for plenty of healthy water can easily be overlooked or forgotten, but once you are pregnant, you cannot afford to do any less. Pregnant women need to drink 8 glasses of water a day or more. These should be consumed throughout the day, in between meals, and not all in one sitting.  It is essential that pregnant women avoid becoming dehydrated.

You must remember that dehydration is not the same as being thirsty. Actually, dehydration happens long before you feel thirst, because once you are thirsty, it means that you have been dehydrated for a while already. While dehydration in an average person is unhealthy, dehydration in a pregnant woman is dangerous, both for the mom and the baby. Water is needed to transport nutrients through the blood from the mother to the baby. Pregnant women tend to store extra water in their body, so drinking more water helps flush that out. Urinary tract infections are common in expecting mothers, and water helps prevent that.

Dehydration during pregnancy is serious. In the third trimester, the mother’s blood volume increases. Thicker blood can lead to hypertension and other cardiovascular problems. Drinking more water than the required 8 glasses a day during the third trimester helps avoid these problems.

Also in the third trimester, dehydration can cause contractions and eventually premature labor, which is something mothers do not usually want for their child. Premature labor makes it harder for the child to survive, but drinking water can prevent premature labor from happening. Other benefits of proper hydration during pregnancy include better bowel movement, less acne, healthier skin, flushing away of excess sodium, less chance of miscarriage, and prevention of nausea or morning sickness.

Pregnant women must not only stay hydrated, but they should drink clean and healthy water during pregnancy. Below are just a few of the contaminants found in tap water and how they can affect the unborn baby you are carrying:

·        Chlorine – Miscarriages and other problems

·        Nitrates – Blue Baby Syndrome

·        Lead – Slows mental development

·        Pharmaceutical drugs – Effects growth and development

It is clear that it is important to be intentional about drinking the required amount of water for the health of the child and the mother. Also, the mother must have healthy drinking water during pregnancy that is free of dangerous water contamination. This is easily provided by using water filters by Aquasana. These filters ensure you that no contaminants will be allowed in your water. Your safety and the safety of your precious child is a top concern and Aquasana can be your partner in making sure the water that comes out of your tap is healthy for mom and baby alike.


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