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Posted on Nov 2, 2010

Does My Home Really Need a Water Filtration System?

It is easy to think that the water you are receiving in your home is clean and safe to drink. Local water providers maintain that the water that they provide is pure. But that water is actually not safe to drink. It is not even safe to use in the shower.

It is true that local treatment facilities routinely provide reports on the quality of their water to the homeowners in their area. They are required to do this by law. But did you know that water companies frequently change their numbers to make the quality of the water they provide look better than it is?

Sometimes, what you are told in these reports is not the whole truth but an edited statement. When asked about why they do this, water companies respond that the people will not comprehend the “relevance of these findings.” This is a carefully worded statement that is little more than, “They can’t handle the truth.”

Now that you know that you don’t really know what is in your tap water, you should not be so trusting. In fact, it is appropriate to think twice about drinking or showering in unfiltered tap water. The Washington Post reported that 65 of 3,000 large water purification systems in the country have lead in their water. Years ago, lead-based paint was banned from the country because of the harm it brings to the body. Lead can cause learning disorders and permanent brain damage in children.

It is also important to note that the lead found in your water can also be from your pipes and plumbing. Some pipes and fixtures are made out of lead, and this lead can seep into your water, especially when the water has been sitting for a while. This is a type of water contamination that happens between the local water treatment facility and your faucets and shower heads.

Almost all tap water provided to homes in the US has been disinfected using chlorine by local water processing facilities. Chlorine is not necessarily the best disinfectant to use, but it is the cheapest one available. The US Council on Environmental Quality said that those who drink chlorinated water increase their chances of getting cancer by 93%.

The microorganism called cryptosporidium is a parasite that can potentially cause death. Despite this being a very harmful parasite, it can still be found in tap water samples today. Even the government said that no local water treatment facility can completely remove this parasite from your drinking water. The technology that they are using today cannot handle it. Chlorine cannot even completely kill this microorganism.

Now that you know that your water may not be pure or safe and that it may have chlorine or the deadly cryptosporidium, it is time to think about how your tap water is affecting your health and the health of your household. Since water treatment facilities are not giving you the kind of water you deserve, you need to do something about your water.

The best thing you can do is buy an Aquasana water filter. These filters can remove chlorine, microorganisms, and other contaminants that can be bad for health. Aquasana water filters provide you with pure, safe, and tasty water that is beyond the standards of local tap water providers.


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