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Posted on Jul 1, 2011

Oh, say can you see all the activities?

Oh, say can you see all the activities?

The Fourth of July brings on a lot of planning for any family—which festival to go to, what recipes would everyone enjoy, what games would the kids enjoy—or, if you have yet to start a family, where’s the best happy hour? Even with all the decisions to be made, The Fourth always ends with the flash and bang of fireworks, unless you’re in the middle of a drought, of course. In that case, what in the world are you going to do? When planning a whole day of activities, it’s helpful to consider several ideas and choose which best fits your family.

Aquasana Holiday Tips1) Food for The Fourth! Holiday recipes are always a fun idea and great to get kids involved. A hot day always deserves cold food so think fruit! Strawberries are always a tasty, healthy treat and simple to make festive for this holiday. Grab a bag of white chocolate chips, melt them down and then have the kids dip the strawberries one-by-one into the chocolate then top them off with blue sugar crystals, allow the chocolate to harden, and Voila! Instant edible patriotism! Wash it down with a red, white and blue drink, which is equally simple to make. Fill a glass with ice then add cranberry juice first, then a wild berry flavored sports drink and lastly, diet 7-up or Sprite. Make sure to pour each flavor over the ice so not mix the colors and always put the drink with the most sugar first.

2) Home for the Holidays. If you’re throwing a Fourth of July party at home, it’s always a great idea to have activities lined up for the kiddos. Since they’ll be outside most of the day, anything that causes a mess is a winner. Buy a finger paint paper roll, which can be found at crafts or school supply stores, roll it out in the driveway and have the kids paint what they think symbols patriotism and Independence Day. If you’re not crazy about paint, classic sidewalk chalk is always fun for little ones.

3) Firecracker, Firecracker, Boom, Boom, Boom! Most communities host Fourth of July festivals. A couple ways to find out which local festival best fits your family, visit the city’s website or browse your local newspaper for a schedule of events. Most festivals offer live entertainment, kid friendly activities and contests, and, of course, fireworks. If fireworks are out of the question this year due to lack of rain, alternative ideas are to watch a laser show, bring a blanket to watch a movie at a park or if you don’t want to deal with the traffic, light sparklers in the yard for the kids to enjoy then gather in front of the television with the lights turned off and watch the numerous fireworks shows across the country together.

Whatever your plans are this holiday always have safety at the top of your list!

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July from everyone at Aquasana!


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  1. Watermelon. That’s what makes the 4th of July so special! You can have all the hot dogs and hamburgers – watermelon makes the whole holiday!

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