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Posted on Mar 10, 2012

Clean Water Plan

It is very important to drink plenty of clean water every day. This good habit will keep you hydrated and contribute to your overall wellbeing. Along with drinking a lot of water each day, it is important to be sure that your water is clean and healthy. Many water pollutants can be the cause of disease and illnesses. Because of this, it is essential that you and your family develop a clean water plan. The following are some tips that should be included in your family’s clean water plan:

Skip the bottled water and choose filtered tap water.
Bottled water companies are not required by the government to report where their water comes from. In many cases, it is no better than bottled tap water. No one can really be sure that the bottle of water that they paid a dollar for is clean. A recent study found 38 pollutants in 10 popular brands of bottled water. That means that bottled water does not translate to pure water. Because of that, you are safer with filtered tap water. Also, adding a good water filter system to your clean water plan rather than turning to bottled water can also save you a lot of money.

Check the quality of your tap water.
Unlike bottled water companies, tap water suppliers are required to publish their water quality test results. Make it a personal goal to know what is in your water and check your annual tap water quality report to know what you then have to focus on removing. If you have a private well, there will be no reports on your well. Instead, look for a professional to have your well water tested for water contamination.

Be careful of the plastic bottles you use.
Hard plastics should not be used as water containers. They are made of harmful chemicals that can be excreted into the water that you drink. Choose stainless steel bottles or other BPA-free bottles. And don’t ever reuse plastic water bottles. They are made for one-time use only. The chemicals in their plastic can easily leach into your water.

Have your whole house protected with a comprehensive water filter system.
Purchase a whole house water filter that will protect your family from inhaling the harmful chemicals and pollutants that are in your shower and dishwasher steam.

Stay hydrated.
Everyone should be careful to drink the required amount of water that each person should consume each day. Certain bodily functions may not function properly if you don’t drink enough water. This is even more important if you are pregnant or nursing. Be intentional about drinking a lot of water.

Invest in a quality tap water filter system.
It has been proven that tap water filters are the best option for having pure, clean drinking water for your whole household. Also remember to cook with filtered tap water. Aquasana provides different kinds of water filters that will fit the need for clean water for your family. Make sure you arm your household with Aquasana’s water filters. They are a vital ingredient to a comprehensive clean water plan.


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