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Posted on Mar 22, 2012

World Water Day 2012: Water and Food Security

World Water Day is a day we spend each year reflecting on our most precious resource. It gave birth to our ancestors and sustains our lives. We drink it, eat it, dive in it, surf on it, splash it at others, walk in (or avoid walking in) drops of it falling from the sky, shoot it at people, revere it, use it to wash ourselves, use it to wash things, bow to its majesty, and in all other ways rely and depend upon it for our healthy and happy existence on this planet.

Water. Without it, we could not exist. Period.

This year, WWD is about understanding how water related to our food supply. Which products that you eat are water-intensive, and which have a relatively light footprint? We only have a small amount of potable water on Earth, and we use it up more quickly with some processes and activities than others in terms of the food supply. How much water do we waste by throwing it away? Think about buying local vegetables and meats instead of the stuff form big farms: how far does it travel to get to you, how sustainable are their practices, and how much do they pollute their local water sources?

Test your knowledge on how sustainable your food is, and today try to eat food that came from sustainable resources. Make small diet and use changes to help decrease your dependence on water-wasting sources. And take a moment to give thanks to the water that sustains your life and your health every day.


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