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Posted on Jul 22, 2013

Top Summer Destinations

Top Summer Destinations

At Aquasana, we know how summer is a great time to get away and travel to new places, so we decided to give you a top five list of some of our favorite places to get away to!


The Texas Hill Country, located just west of Austin and north of San Antonio, is the next best thing to crossing the Atlantic. This area is colorful, lush, and unlike the rest of the state, is filled with big, beautiful green hills. Also, this region contains 22 wineries and buzzes with food and music festivals year round. You can also experience the great shopping experience offered at the Hill Country Galleria. Towns like Fredericksburg also offer a taste of Germany with biergartens and schnitzelhäuser. Why go to Europe when you can experience all the beauty right here in the Texas Hill Country?


In Portland, you can literally taste summer! Filled with top-ranked farmers’ markets, inventive cafes with fresh-caught fish, and plenty of cool summer drink spots, Portland landed a spot on our list. The wholesome cuisine will make you want to get active, too, because if you’re a foodie, you will be more than impressed by the array of vegan cafes and eco-hippie cooperatives. Drawn by the city’s artsy vibe, young chefs are breaking the mold and tapping into the local fisheries and artisanal farms. After your meal, rent a bicycle or check out hiking spots near waterfalls just outside town!


When it starts heating up outside, so does the entertainment in Music City. In the summer, you can check out the numerous music festivals taking place around the city including the CMA Music Festival and Music City July 4th: Let Freedom Sing. Music aside, there’s plenty of activities for the entire family, because Nashville also has its own water parks and zoo! There’s no surprise that Nashville would make it on our list due to it being the live music capital of the USA, but it might surprise you  that it’s also been named as one of the most affordable places to travel!


With its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and almost no development, Bahia Honda Key might be mistaken for a chic Brazilian Preserve! This 524 acre islet in the Lower Florida Keys between Key West and Marathon, is actually a state park. You can experience beautiful beaches, amazing snorkeling, and an astounding biodiversity. What’s even rarer here are the prices. Admission, snorkeling, and even a cabin rental for a night will cost you less than $160. There are plenty of fishing and picnic spots located throughout, and kayaks, bikes, and skates can be rented and enjoyed all over the islet.


When you think of Alaska, you might think of freezing temperatures and a great winter getaway. What most don’t realize is that the cheapest (and probably most enjoyable) time to make your getaway to Alaska is in the summer months! You can check out popular tourist spots such as the zoo or the many parks located throughout the region. Whether you come for a classic cruise, a trek across glaciers, dog-sledding, or caribou-spotting in Denali National Park, Anchorage is a great place for amazing photo-op views and a great way to cool off and beat that summer heat back home!

While you’re traveling this summer, make sure you stay hydrated. Tips how are available on our Dehydration blog.  It’s best to keep that filtered water with you and stay cool on your travels this summer. For a great, portable glass bottle, check out!


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