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Posted on Feb 27, 2014

Happy Morning H2O

Happy Morning H2O

 The most important part of your day begins the moment you wake up. Sleeping all night will leave you in a dehydrated state and the best thing you can do for yourself is to start the day with a glass of warm, delicious, filtered citrus water. This easy routine will impact the rest of your day positively.

 Kick start your day with proper hydration, and your energy levels will go up, making simple everyday tasks easier. You’ll start to crave citrus water regularly. Drinking it often will allow your body to receive the proper vitamins, enzymes, and minerals it needs to function at its absolute best.

 Start by using an all-natural citrus fruit (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit) and warm, filtered water. Citrus fruits contain citric acid, calcium, magnesium, pectin, Vitamin C, and many other minerals that will help fight infection and promote immunity. Do not boil the water, simply heat it up and add the lemon into the water to ensure that you are not killing any of the healthy enzymes found in the fruit. Drink the mix every morning and before any meal to ensure you are providing your body with optimum health and hydration.

 Listed below are some of the health benefits of starting your day with warm, filtered, citrus water:

Support your immune system

 Citrus fruits are high in both Vitamin C and potassium. The potassium will help stimulate the brain and nerve functions while controlling your blood pressure and the Vitamin C will work to keep away the common cold. Pairing a citrus fruit with filtered water will also act as support for asthma, as the Vitamin C in the citrus and pure water will open up your respiratory system to function normally.

Increases hydration

 Drinking citrus water every morning will make you crave it more often, increasing your water intake. This will prevent dehydration and will help your body focus on the minerals it does need.

Stimulate digestive system

 Citrus fruits are high in minerals and vitamins that help flush out toxins in the digestive system by simulating your liver. The water will promote bile production in your liver and that in turn will help the digestion process move along further.  Citrus fruits will also eliminate heartburn, indigestion, and vomiting.

Natural diuretic

 Pairing citrus with warm water will make it easier for your gastrointestinal tract to keep your intake of toxins flowing through your body so that you are starting fresh each day. The citrus will increase the rate of urination so that your body can continue to flush out toxins at a faster rate. This will keep your urinary tract healthy and help you detoxify faster.

Balance pH levels

 Citrus fruits are an alkaline food. This will leave your body without excess acidity once the citric acid has been metabolized.  The metabolized acid will allow minerals from the citrus to alkalize your blood – preventing the risk of disease, as it only happens when the pH in your body is highly acidic.

Weight loss

 Drinking filtered citrus water will help reduce “water weight” as you will crave water more often. Drinking water regularly will keep your body from trying to store water. Your body begins to store water when it feels dehydrated, creating bloating from the water. If taken in proper amounts, water will not create extra bloat. Citrus drinks will also help fight your hunger cravings because of their high pectin fiber levels. The fiber will also serve as a powerful antibacterial and improve colon health.

Clear skin

 The Vitamin C in lemons helps prevent the formation of wrinkles, acne, and blemishes. It will help kill acne-causing bacteria and will further promote skin rejuvenation from within your body due to its ability to get rid of unwanted toxins. The Vitamin C also helps fade current scars and blemishes if applied directly to the skin as well as reduce pain and inflammation. It can do this by dissolving the acids that cause the pain.

 The citrus fruits can also be paired with other foods to get the best possible results. A pinch of cayenne pepper can be used to help raise the temperature of your body and make it easier for you to flush out unwanted toxins. Ginger can help with nausea as will as increase the circulation of blood within your body. Honey and cinnamon will help burn fat. Mint will enhance the citrus’ ability to help clear your skin. There are various other pairings that can help you get the best out of the water. The key is to start with citrus and warm water.

 Starting your day with citrus water is an easy routine that will change the way you look at mornings forever!

 Stay beautiful!

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