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Posted on Mar 24, 2014

Best Shower Filters

Best Shower Filters

So you’ve faced the fact that chlorinated shower water is just not healthy for you. And all tap water contains chlorine to kill deadly orgainisms.  You don’t want your hair, skin, and lungs absorbing all that chlorine and vapor during your nice hot shower, right? Well, filtered shower water provides even more than just health protection; it can enhance your beauty too!

Even after a good wash and rinse, a coating of chlorine and other chemicals still cling to your hair. It’s no wonder so many of us suffer from dry, brittle hair. These same chemicals are also a reason for hair breakage and loss. And, dull hair and skin contribute to a look of premature aging.  Definately not for me!

Is it any wonder why I wanted to run from my shower to the mountain tops to bathe in beautiful clean chemical-free waters? Then, I heard Dr. Oz on TV saying that the best thing you could do for your hair was to get a shower filter. All the positives added up.  I needed a showerhead filter not just for my health, but for my beauty as well.

I took the time to do my research to ensure I invested in the best shower head filter. I focused on shower head filters that utilized a 2-stage filtration cartridge that would work to remove chlorine and other synthetic chemicals while enhancing the pH balance of my water. I scanned Consumer’s Reports reviews and products with their most efficient “Best Buy” rating. Being the independent woman that I am, I also looked for a product that would be easy to install – no handyman or plumber needed.

My hard work paid off. I am now an owner of the best shower filter and it costs me less than 10 cents a day. This investment was a no-brainer since my health and beauty is worth far more than a few cents a day!

After my first shower, I could feel the difference chemical-free water made on my skin and hair.

It’s like my hair and skin instantly became beautifully softer. Not to mention, since my hair was actually getting cleaned and not weighed down with chemicals, my hair care products actually bond.  That makes styling my hair simpler and makes me happier!

Healthy, happy, and beautiful! I love my shower head filter!

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