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Posted on Aug 25, 2014

Team Craft Night

Team Craft Night


At Aquasana, we are crafty and committed to being eco-friendly.  We love to reuse, recycle and reduce waste while making our corner of the world a little craftier.

Our water loving friends at Austin based Sonno Domestic Living are interior designers.  They were cleaning out old samples of fabrics and offered us a bounty of discontinued sample swatches.  We made the obvious, pillows!  We also made dog beds, cork boards and more using fabric and other craft supplies.  Everything we used was given to us!  We turned other people’s “trash” into our treasures.  Oh, and we did it as a team.  Even the fellas joined in the crafty fun.  One night, after work, we turned the conference room into craft central.

Here are a few of our favorite projects:

Flower pens


This is a great beginner project because it requires so little supplies.  We cut a piece of patterned Duck Tape to the length of a pen beginning just after the tip (start at the part where the body of the pen begins).  Then we hot glued a hand-me-down-craft-store flower to the end.  We embellished some with sparkles- use a little or a lot, your imagination is the limit here!  Now we all have custom pens, each one reflecting our individual personalities.

Pen/ pencil holder


As a kid, we turned old coffee cans into pen holders.  Now, it’s harder to find coffee in a can.  If you happen to have a coffee can, it’s the perfect size to hold pens and pencils.  As a tribute to back-to-school, we made a snazzy holder for the flower pens.  We covered ours in two different pieces of the fabric from our friends at Sonno Domestic Living.  We just cut the pieces to the height and width of the can and hot glued the fabric on.  We embellished with ribbon, burlap and rhinestones.

Cork boards


Sticking with our back-to-school theme, we spruced up our cubicles with cork boards.  This would be a great project for a student, because who doesn’t need more space to hang notes and pictures.  We bought a four-pack of 12×12 cork squares from an office supply store.  Then, we took a piece of the donated fabric and folded it over the cork board.  We secured it with hot glue and then embellished with ribbon and trim.  That’s it!  Fabric is better for this project than paper since paper will show holes from the push pins.



We are a water filtration company.  We ALWAYS have a glass of water on our desk.  We need coasters.  For this project, we took two wall paper samples (also donated by Sonno Domestic Living) and then traced a wide mouth glass.  We cut the circle and then glued the pieces of wall paper together.  It looks great and is so, so useful!

Pillow and dog beds

Most of the fabric pieces were rectangle or square shaped which made it easy to pair them up and make small pillows and dog beds.  We just sewed up three sides, stuffed the pillows, and then sewed them shut.  For the pillowed, we used old couch pillows, and left-over batting.


For the dog beds, we used an old yoga mat (easy to cut to size) and old dog beds.  Dogs like old better than new.  Their old beds smelled “just right” to them and we want our dog-polyees to feel comfortable at work.  Because one of our employees owns an embroidery machine, we put the dogs names on their recovered beds. If you don’t own a machine and wish to skip this step, your dog won’t complain.

Photo Canvas

We took an art canvas, previously painted on by a neighbor and discarded, then covered it in a large piece of the donated fabric. We used staples, but you could also use hot glue.  Then we glued down two of our favorite pictured and added ribbon trim, washi tape and a flower for embellishment.


Desk photos

While we had the washi-tape handy, we used it to add a fun border to pictures of our dogs.  The pictures we printed of our beloved pooches, were just a little too small for the frames.  The washi tape adds the perfect amount of color, visual interest and keeps the picture secure.



We made lots of fun and easy to replicate things.  More than that, we had fun! The entire office got in on the action- even those who had made anything crafty since elementary school.  This was our first office craft night, but it won’t be our last!


Starred Photos


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