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Posted on Sep 2, 2014

Mind, Body, and Soul

Mind, Body, and Soul

Here at Aquasana, we are always talking about the best ways to be healthy physically, but what about mentally? Mental health should be just as important, if not more – than being physically healthy. So I recently tapped into the minds of my co-workers, a generally happy group of folks, to find out what their secrets are for being at peace with everyday stresses. Take a look below to see what each of them do to stay emotionally and mentally happy – no matter what life throws their way.

Daily Exercise

I go to the gym during lunch and do all different types of workouts to keep it fun and interesting!
I do everything from weight lifting and kickboxing to barre class and yoga. Going to the gym is not just  good for me physically, but also mentally. It breaks up the workday right when I need it and gives me extra energy for the afternoon.

- Portia Marchman, Senior Marketing Manager

1187186_10101092847870993_88476578_n Things You Love

The smell of lavender, hydration and home cooked meals, yoga, working out and feeling fit, great tasting water, colorful produce, pets, pedicures, and chilled white wine.

- Alyson Martin, Retail Marketing Manager

Train Body and Mind

For me, ideally a one hour of hard training in martial arts is the most invigorating mental and physical reset button. Besides the obvious benefits of group training and camaraderie, martial arts forces one to exhale (and thus inhale) a whole lot more vigorously than any other training regimen. If I don’t have any time and need to recharge, I straighten my spine, close my eyes, remove all current thoughts and take ten deep breaths, each one filling up my lungs completely to where I feel them pushing into my back. I follow this with a whole glass of fresh water. Air and water is all we need for a quick reset!

-Vik Doddi, Director of Customer Retention

62700_1601605328529_6024247_n Indulge

I buy coffee I really love.  It’s a small indulgence that I look forward to no matter how early my kids wake me up.  I also look at their baby pictures frequently to remind me of how far we’ve come and that no matter what mistakes I’ve made, I’ve done three things really right.  And when I am facing challenging times, I remind myself it’s always darkest before the dawn and dawn always comes.   When all else fails, I cook.  No matter how much is going wrong, I can always count on what I’m cooking to come out the way I want it to.  Plus, I always need to eat.

- Michelle Hirschfield, Director of Public Relations

Serve Others

When you are in the service of others, your own troubles disappear. Try it!
Pray and Meditate: Take 10 minutes daily to unplug, unwind and just breathe.
Understand that we are Divine: We are not a random occurrence. We were created by something far greater than anything we can comprehend in our current state. Whomever created our own conscience, we are are here for a purpose, which is to gain knowledge, understanding and wisdom; and to develop an infinite love for all.
Fill your mind with beautiful things: Beware of depravity. We are part of a beautiful universe created for our enjoyment. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, of good report or praiseworthy — seek after these things.
Love: Start with your family, friends, co-workers, others around you — and lastly, don’t forget yourself.

- Joe Richmond, Creative Director

9301_10154429588410324_1882025270164607801_n Travel

I grew up traveling around the world. Nothing is more invigorating than going to a completely new place with the people you love. I love to explore and experience different food, cultures, sights, and traditions. I like any and all kinds of traveling that takes me to new places, even if it’s just a museum one city over from me. Sometimes, we get caught up in day to day stresses and getting away from it for a while is what brings peace and order to normal everyday life. Plus, it’s always something to look forward to.

Payal Patel, Marketing & Events


Several years ago I decided to simplify my life. I moved outside the city to an acreage and focused on making that place my retreat.  Although there is a never ending list of projects, being surrounded by open spaces, and a small herd of animals brings me great joy and peace. Nurturing the land and caring for other living creatures brings me tremendous happiness.  No matter what life throws my way, I can find peace of mind as I make my way home and to all that awaits me there.

Chris Warwick, Marketing Director

CW and Han for Blog
chloe+jason_hi Creativity

Singing. At its core, singing is deep breathing followed by an sustained release. Even when done poorly it feels good. Photography. Whether artistic or not, a single photo is a memory documented. If the photographer is patient, he or she can catch the perfect moment from an otherwise chaotic subject. And unlike singing, a picture is a tangible thing that can be revisited.

- Jason Baxter, UI/UX Lead Designer


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