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Posted on Oct 29, 2014

Austin Pets Alive! Halloween Charity Gala

Austin Pets Alive! Halloween Charity Gala


October is national adopt a shelter dog month.  At Aquasana, love all dogs (cats too) but especially shelter dogs.  We have a dog-friendly office.  12 humans office at our Austin, Texas headquarters and sometimes one or more of our 14 “dogployees” drop in to do some work.  Luckily for our neighbors, they don’t all come at once.  The most dogs we have in at once is typically four.  That sounds like a lot for a small office, but these dogs are better behaved than most humans.  The majority came from shelters.  You could say they were rescued, but as a group we hate that term.  We didn’t rescue them, any more than they rescued us.  Shelter dogs come with stories most of us can’t imagine.  Yet they don’t want pity. They are resilient and playful, forgetting the past and looking only towards their next meal.


That’s why as a company we are proud to support Austin Pets Alive!, one of the largest “no-kill” animal shelters in the country.  We were recently a “Top Dog” sponsor of APA’s gala fundraising event.   We sponsored APA’s event because we live here and like to give here in our community.  We also did it so we can hold our heads up high in front of the four-legged members of our team who have spent time in shelters.



Meet Chloe.  She is a coon hound, Great Dane Mix, has three legs due to a birth defect, and a big heart.  She is the office favorite.  She is sweet and offers a daily lesson in letting nothing stop you from getting the bone.



This is Chloe’s brother Nacho, a Yorkie mix who landed at the shelter for a stubborn resistance to going outside to “do his business”.  Jason, our web marketing guy, owns both Chloe and Nacho.  Jason finally house trained Nacho and we are all thankful for that!  Well everyone but our carpet cleaner, who appreciates the job security Nacho provided.



Townes and Pepper are both “black dogs”, the last to be adopted at shelters.  No one really know why this is but there is a name for it: black dog syndrome.  Maybe it’s a fear of shedding?  Whatever the reason, we know the truth– black dogs are just as loving as any other color dog.  And dog hair is a mess to clean up no matter the color.



Tucker and Scout are both pit-bull mixes. Tucker is mostly boxer and Scout is mostly Great Dane, but the part of them that’s pit bull makes them harder to adopt.  Pit bulls get a bad rap.  If people knew what we knew, there would be no pit bull mixes left at shelters.  Tucker and Scout are protective, loving and always on the prowl for an ear rub.


Vasco is a Rhodesian ridgeback mix, afraid of water (ironic since we are a water filtration company) and the best behaved of the group.


Not everyone loves our dog-friendly office.  The postal carrier who comes to our office is very fearful of dogs.  Although we wish she could see what we see, we are very respectful of her fears and she now leaves the mail outside the door. We also posted a sign letting people who come to the office know they may be sniffed, licked or barked at.  The barking is usually a greeting.  Some of our furry friends are just loud talkers.

To celebrate those, who like many of us, champion shelter dogs, we gave all of the attendees of the recent Austin Pets Alive! Gala Aquasana water bottles and dog bowls.  We had the bowls made up for the event, so don’t go looking for them on our website.  Even pets needs to be properly hydrated with the best water possible.  Our pets are part of our family and part of our office culture.  Our unofficial slogan is Live Healthy, and with our pets, regardless of where they came from, we live healthier lives.



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