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Posted on Nov 5, 2014

Diabetes Awareness Month: Bill’s Bottle Challenge

Diabetes Awareness Month: Bill’s Bottle Challenge


November is Diabetes Awareness Month.  For me, every month is diabetes awareness month.  I have had Type 1 Diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes, for 18 years.  In simple terms, it means my pancreas doesn’t produce insulin, and no amount of diet and exercise will fix that. I manage and control my diabetes with an insulin pump, a mechanical pancreas of sorts.  It’s a life-saving, life changing medical device that frees me of carrying vials of insulin and needles with me wherever I go.  Even with a pump, diabetes is a difficult thing to manage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  When you live with a chronic illness, you see a lot of doctors and get a lot of advice.  Sometimes it’s the simple stuff that leaves the biggest impact.

I lived in San Francisco after I was first diagnosed and saw a wonderful doctor who masterfully blended Eastern and Western medicine.  She talked to me a lot about the best ways to stay healthy and offered me a tip that I carry with me everywhere I go, literally.  She said “be the guy who always has a water bottle in your hand, as water will help your control your diabetes”.  That’s it.  No magic pill, nothing special to buy.  Just carry a water bottle everywhere.  Ironically, two decades later, I’m working for Aquasana, a-best-in-class water filtration company, and I have access to all the water bottles I could possible need to carry.  Medically, the reason she told me to drink lots of clean water is that my body is already working hard enough and I don’t want to make my body, or my kidneys specifically, work any harder by having to filter out the harmful chemicals found drinking water.

I have always made a commitment to healthy living, even before I was diagnosed with Type 1, but even more so now that 40 is almost in the rear view mirror.  When I travel for work, I have to plan ahead more than most- think through meals, count carbs, and count the number of glasses of water I drink, all in an effort to map out healthy choices so I can stay ahead of my blood sugar.  I also exercise regularly and everywhere I go, you can find an Aquasana water bottle in my hand.

If like me, you are living with diabetes, I challenge you to join me in carrying a water bottle everywhere you go.  Join me in Bill’s Bottle Challenge, during November, and I will send you a glass, BPA free, water bottle.  Email me at and send me your address.

If you want to encourage others, post a picture of yourself on Aquasana’s Facebook and Twitter pages holding your bottle and use hashtag #BillsBottleChallenge.  Together we can’t cure diabetes, but we can manage it and start a healthy trend.



*Only a limited number of water bottles will be given away, so join Bill’s Bottle Challenge now!


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  1. Bill, I too have type 1 and am on a pump. We just bought the whole house water system and are waiting to have it installed. I also was just diagnosed with breast cancer and am going through chemo. I am trying to drink a TON of water. I would love to receive a water bottle and join the challenge!!

    My address is
    766 Fairfield Dr.
    Marietta, GA 30068

    Sherri DiDuro

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