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Posted on Nov 18, 2014

The Whole Home Benefit of Aquasana

The Whole Home Benefit of Aquasana


We all want to be healthier.  It’s the number one New Years’ resolution, every year.  From what we put into our bodies, to what we use to clean the house, wash our clothes, to the air we breathe, there is one common denominator: water.  A clean, green home, and a healthy life begins and ends with water.  The picture below shows the top ten ways filtered water improves your home health and your personal health.  Drink it in, but filter it first.







  1. Do you have a filter to use in my apartment bathroom sink?

    • Hi Debra-

      You can try our countertop AQ4000 system for your bathroom sink. Please send us an email at with contact information so that we may connect you with the right department!



  2. interested in whole house

    • Hi Susan-

      Do you mind sending your contact information to so that we may connect you with the right department?



  3. Private well in northwest Illinois. Looking for a water softener and/or whole house water filter. How do I determine the best solution for my family of six?

    • email us at and we can arrange for a water sample kit to be sent to your home. We need to know what’s in your water so we know which system is right for you.

  4. Will your filtration system eliminate Chlorine in water????

    • yes, all of our systems remove chlorine from water

  5. Do your systems filter out flouride from water, if so which filter systems.

    • our reverse osmosis system removes fluoride.

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