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Posted on Jan 22, 2015

The Only Pizza Recipe you Need to Know

The Only Pizza Recipe you Need to Know


At Aquasana, we spend a lot of time thinking about water. But we spend a lot more time thinking about food. And I mean a LOT. We think about food when we eat breakfast. We think about what we will eat for lunch as we place our breakfast utensils in the dishwasher, and we think about food when we are punching in numbers on a data sheet or sending out emails. We think about it constantly, okay? Food is good. Especially if you live in Austin. There’s so much to choose from, and 9 times out of 1o, it’s pretty healthy.

One of my favorite foods no matter where I go and what other options I have, is pizza. Now imagine eating pizza every day for lunch or dinner. It’ll not only get boring quick, but it’s also extremely unhealthy. So for me, pizza has turned into a once-in-a-while treat.

But then – something amazing happened. I came across a recipe on Pinterest. It was labeled, “Healthy Pizza Recipe.” My first thought was, “yeah, right”. I decided to click on it anyway to satisfy my curiosity and what do you know – one of the main ingredients was listed as ZUCCHINI! Zucchini on pizza? Is this blogger insane? As I continued to creep through the rest of the page, I realized that the zucchini is actually used for the crust of the pizza. I’m sure it can be used as a topping, but using it to make the crust is a lot more comforting than thinking about mushy zucchini on top of my pepperoni and cheese.

I had never thunk to substitute the dough in pizza – mostly because I didn’t even know it was possible. So I decided to turn to my good friend Google, to see if anyone else had any input on this zucchini pizza situation. My findings were interesting:

About three decades ago, zucchini was not at all popular in the United States (big surprise). Known to the world as Green Italian Squash, the nutritious fruit became popular when people began using it in bread and dessert recipes (okay, desserts too? I’ll have to look into that later). Prior to that, it was used for hundreds of years in Europe and South America (no one specified for what but at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they used it for something crazy like ice cream).

Apparently, zucchini has a variety of health benefits. It’s mostly known best for its magical ability to aid in weight management. Oh, and lowering cholesterol, improving cardiovascular health, and preventing cancer. I guess those are important too. Consuming zucchini also increases your daily intake of dietary fiber as well as helps support your muscle function. Hmmm….

Now, as the new year has rolled around – I’ve been trying mighty hard to lose some weight, eat healthy, and work out. My only problem is that I can’t eat whatever I want! But this zucchini recipe has got me thinking. This could work.

When you crave pizza, zucchini is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the best pizza recipe (at least not for me – I’m sure there IS some crazy person out there who would though). Anyway, I decided I’d give it a try.

I started with:

1 large zucchini

Olive oil

Salt & pepper

Pizza sauce


Pepperoni (or additional veggies or meats based on your preference)


1. Slice up the zucchini into small slices.

2. Toss the slices with olive oil, salt, and pepper.


3. Lay them out on a baking sheet and broil at 350 degrees for 3 minutes, making sure you flip the slices in between broil time (They don’t smell too good at this point).


4. Top with pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.


5. Broil again until the cheese has melted (wait a minute…)

6. IT WORKED! You are ready to satisfy your pizza craving!


For healthy eaters, zucchini acts as the perfect pizza base compared to the carb-filled dough crusts. The mini pizzas are a great snack for those trying to manage their weight and still eat well. Seriously, it improves cardiovascular health and supports muscle function – so pizza for dinner (every single day) may not seem like a bad idea (after a work out) after all!  So the next time you have a pizza craving, ditch the old school dough and try the zucchini base instead. It’s not as crazy as it sounds.


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