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Posted on Jun 17, 2015

The Making of a “TSV” on QVC

Bill QVC IMG_5021Aquasana was recently a Today’s Special Value (TSV) on QVC. That’s like starring in a one-act show on Broadway for 24-hours.  It. Was. Thrilling.  As you can imagine, getting to opening night, took months of planning. Just getting selected and then approved by the QVC buying and TSV committee is a major accomplishment. Once selected, we worked closely with QVC to fine-tune the offer, ensuring the value was compelling enough to a QVC customer who may or may not have heard of Aquasana, or of our Powered Water Filtration System. That process requires a great deal of collaboration, negotiation and creativity. Visuals and product demonstrations have to be compelling and easily understood and the audience has to see value in a product or they won’t buy it. The amount of viewers and reach that QVC hits over a 24-hour period requires a significant investment in inventory, logistical & operational planning for months leading up to being featured as the TSV.


Bill McFadden is Aquasana’s Vice President of Sales.  He led Aquasana’s partnership with QVC from the beginning. His favorite part was the lead-up to being a TSV. “I loved being a part of the set and production planning, and working with the on-air talent, but in the end the product has to sell itself,” said McFadden.  He elaborated, “We launched on a kitchen show for a water filtration system to an audience of consumers who were used to seeing cooking and baking appliances. We crafted a great story about the many everyday uses for the product and how it should be on every counter in every kitchen next to the coffee maker and blender”. McFadden says today’s consumers are buying products that represent a lifestyle. Aquasana’s Powered Water Filtration System delivers superior water quality for personal hydration, but McFadden hopes buyers will remember clean water makes everything in the kitchen taste better.


The experience leading up to the day of the TSV once the “table was set” (meaning the inventory has shipped and the air times are all booked and planned with different hosts) creates a lot of anxiety because in the end the customer has to vote with their wallets. McFadden describes the day of the TSV as a roller coaster ride as with 10 big loops. Hitting the sales forecasted for each of the 10 scheduled airings is stressful.  Add to that everybody at the home office who wants to hear the real-time “how’s it going” updates.

“We sat in a green room where you have access to computer terminals where you monitor your sales by the minute so at times it can be a big adrenaline rush,” said McFadden. “For us we did really well at kick off (midnight) and then treaded water throughout the day until we hit the prime time spot at night with our host David who was exceptional at telling our story, ultimately making for a very successful TSV.

McFadden says more goes into being a TSV than anyone can imagine- starting with the factory workers all the way to the production set organizers who are never part of the on-air story, but all play critical parts.  McFadden is quick to point out without all of the intense planning and prep, you would have nothing. “I can’t express enough appreciation to the entire team at Aquasana and QVC, for making it happen. This was a huge a day for the Aquasana brand and as a result we welcomed a lot more friends to the Aquasana family.”




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