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Live Healthy

Live Healthy

At Aquasana, we know it takes more than drinking filtered water to live healthy. Here are our top 10 recommendations for living healthy every day.


1. Filter your drinking water

Yes, we think this is the most important thing you can do for your heath!  Drinking just plain tap water, you never truly know exactly what is going into your body. This could range from large amounts of chlorine and chloramines to other substances like pharmaceuticals, gasoline additives, and pesticides. Any filtration is better than no filtration – the most important thing is to start with clean water for a healthy lifestyle.


2. Filter your shower water

Most people are surprised when they hear about shower filtration systems. Our skin is our largest organ, and exposing contaminants to it can open the doors for numerous contaminants to enter your body. Studies have found that taking one shower in unfiltered water is just about the same as drinking an entire cup of chlorine water. Filtering your water will also help reduce health problems such as asthma and eczema while helping purify the air in your home.


3. Detox your home environment

Detox your home by using only all natural products in your home. Anything from conventional flooring, mattresses, VOC paints, cleaning solutions, vinyl shower curtains, and dry cleaning can expose your home to toxins that contribute to health problems such as asthma, allergies, and even cancer. Replace all the old, synthetic, petroleum based fibers and products with something that has not been treated with chemicals during production.


4. Eat real food

Most of the food you find at your average grocery store nowadays is processed, genetically modified, preservative based, and just all around not a perfect choice for a healthy diet. Remove processed and packaged foods and start eating organic products and you’ll notice a great difference in the way your body and mind feels everyday.


5. Exercise every day

Exercise doesn’t have to be tough. Even a 30 minute daily cardio workout will work wonders for your mind and body. You’ll wake up feeling more alive every morning and you will tire out less easily when doing easy everyday tasks such as walking up the stairs or doing household chores.


6. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day

Water is essential to how well your body functions. You use more water per day than you think, and you need to make sure you a rehydrate properly to ensure that your body doesn’t have to fight to function normally. Your body is made up of 70% water, after all.


7. Recycle as much as possible

Being healthy doesn’t just mean eating and drinking healthy. It means living a healthy lifestyle as well. Many people don’t understand that recycling benefits more than just the Earth. It benefits YOU by keeping out plastics and toxins out of YOUR food and water supply. It benefits us by keeping trees alive and ensuring that we have an ample oxygen supply. It keeps the cycle of life going on full circle.


8. Re-use as much as possible

Recycle often and reuse the things that can be reused. Reuse steel cans to grow plants, reuse unwanted vegetable and fruit peels as compost, and collect and reuse your rainwater. There is an endless supply of reusable materials that are thrown into a dumpster everyday. If we all made a small effort to reuse more often, we would make a huge difference in just how much waste goes into our environment.


9. Minimize or eliminate alcohol and caffeine from your diet

Alcohol and caffeine will make a huge impact on the way you sleep, the way your skin looks, and the way you feel after taken even in the smallest of amounts. Try to reduce or eliminate the intake of alcohol by drinking non-alcoholic copycats of sangrias and cocktails when you crave alcohol. Drink freshly squeezed juices instead of caffeine to keep you feeling awake and energized throughout the day. Replacing these items with healthier alternatives will help you bring new light to your day.


10. Get enough sleep

Getting the recommended 8-10 hours a sleep per day is just as essential as drinking clean water in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Get the most out of your “beauty sleep” by making sure you get enough of it. Eliminate sugary foods and technology after dinner. Set a daily bedtime to avoid staying up too late and wake up in the morning ready to live by the recommendations above for a healthy lifestyle.