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Posted on Mar 8, 2013

MTBE: From Clean Air to Toxic Water

What is MTBE? MTBE(methyl tertiary-butyl ether) is a chemical compound that is produced in large quantities as a fuel additive to help gasoline burn more effectively to...

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Posted on Mar 7, 2013

Chloramine on Tap

There’s a threat in the water, and it appears only as a single word on your water bill: chloramines. It’s the combination of ammonia and chlorine that’s added to the...

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Posted on Sep 8, 2011

What’s the truth about your water?

It’s not JUST water We can all remember the days of high school chemistry class and learning the basic components of water, H2O: 2 hydrogen molecules attached to 1...

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Posted on Aug 23, 2011

What is THAT? …My baby can get eczema?

Unfortunately, studies and records show that eczema, particularly in babies and children, is becoming a more common and widespread problem. The good news is that it’s...

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